The Wonder and Magic of Christmas

I remember Christmas morning as a kid. My mom went to great lengths to make Christmas amazing! I remember not being able to sleep the night before because I knew the excitement that would come when I ran downstrairs in the morning. My eyes practically popped out of my head when I saw what was under the tree. 
Most of our gifts would be wrapped but some not, and we would scream out the things we saw that we knew were ours, "ahhh my Pocahontas Barbie!" Yes, I wanted that doll so bad one year, I took the store advertisements out of the newspaper & left them on mom's bathroom vanity every morning with a big red circle around Pocahontas so that she knew, without a doubt, what I wanted. 

On Christmas morning, mom would make us all stand in front of the tree before we opened anything and just, look. She wanted to see us marvel at everything. It really was magical! 

This year, it's my turn to see Hailey get lost in the wonder. I can't wait to make Christmas as wonderful for her as my mom made it for us. 
I also can't wait to experience the true meaning of Christmas with her. It's not so much about what's under the tree but about a baby in a manger and what He did for the world on another tree. How He gave, gave of himself so the world could be reconciled back to God. And how God gave Him to be given. We give because He gave all. This Christmas may we remember & celebrate His precious birth. 

How do you connect to the true meaning of Christmas?

Merry Christmas!
xoxo, kerri

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