Hailey's Holiday Gift Guide

I put together this little gift guide for Hailey. I've called it a gift guide but really, it's just a list of things we got her for Christmas. haha. I especially love the wooden teething rings. Stay tuned for your chance to win these on my blog. giveaway coming soon!

1. Target has this great line of children's clothing called Cat & Jack. I found this sweater in Hailey's size & I am obsessed!

2. I found these teethers on etsy. These are great because Hailey is cutting some little daggers right now and she wants to chew on EVERYTHING! They are organic

3. I love all the classic stories, Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Little Woman & I've always wanted to share these stories with my daughter! Now I don't have to wait. BabyLit has created these little board books of the classics that are perfect for toddlers!

4. The Anthropologie Fashionable Fauna Doll - need i say more?

5. These Cat & Jack skinny jeans with the heart knee patches. Oh my word, have you ever seen such an adorable pair of jeans in your life?

So, these are some of my favorite gifts for her this year. What are you guys buying your Littles this year? Send me links in the comments below!

Merry Christmas!
xoxo, kerri

1 comment:

  1. I bought Ella some crafts and coloring books from the dollar store...because she loves coloring and I am not paying more while she is this young.


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