Family Photos & Fabulous Friends

SO! as most of you know, i am obsessed with photo Christmas cards! every year i hire a professional photographer & order beautiful cards from minted{dot}com. i even wrote a post about it, here!

well, this year we were a little tight on funds so i actually had to cancel our scheduled shoot with our fabulous photographer {stab me in the heart!} and i wasn't sure we were even going to be able to order cards at all this year {stab me in the heart, again!}.

BUT, all was not lost! my beautiful friend Ashley {who is a fantastic photographer, herself } came to our rescue. she offered to trade for photos this year and we were able to scrounge together enough money to order a smaller amount of cards than we usually do.

talk about fabulous, yes!

here are some of my favorite pics from our shoot.
before Huck and i got married, i would receive Christmas cards from friends with photos of them and their families and i knew that was one tradition i wanted to start once i got married and had a family of my own. 

last year, we used our Christmas card as our gender reveal announcement {see here} & that was super fun! this year is Hailey's first Christmas and our first Christmas as a family of three so it would've completely broken my heart if we couldn't do a card this year. 

God even works out the little things that are so very important to us. 

huge THANK YOU to Ashley for working with us this year! her info is below so give her some love.

do you guys do photo Christmas cards? if not, what are some of your other favorite Christmas traditions and must haves?

Have a very Merry Christmas!
{and don't forget to enter the giveaway here, only two more days left!}
xoxo, kerri

Photographer: Ashley Amaral Photography


The Perfect Stocking Stuffer + A Giveaway

 every mother knows the "joys" of a crying, fussy, teething baby. am i right, ladies? well, Hailey has been teething like a man women and since she insists on sticking EVERYTHING in her mouth i have been on the lookout for the perfect teether...and i found it! i bought these amazing teething rings from Fairy Of Color and she LOVES them!

these teethers are organic maple wood rings made in the good 'ol USofA. they have two different textures for your baby to explore. they are simple and lightweight, therefore simple for your baby to hold. they have been tested for safety and are CPSIA complaint with no removable parts or beads.

they are basically God's gift to your baby's gums!
raise your hand if you have a teething baby or know of someone who does? yes, i can name about 15 mamas right now. that's why you should enter this giveaway. 

i have partnered with Fairy Of Color for a fantastic giveaway. you could win these Christmas Combo Teething Rings PLUS a 3xRing Triangle teething toy in your choice of color(s) from Fairy Of Color.

they'll make the PERFECT stocking stuffer for your Little this Christmas.

1. follow me on Instagram at @iamkerrirose
2. follow Fairy Of Color on Instagram @fairyofcolor
3. comment on this post the color(s) you'd like the 3xRing Triangle Teething Toy in, if you were to win.
OPTIONAL ENTRY: 'Like' my facebook page (+ 1 extra entry)
OPTIONAL ENTRY: follow the Fairy Of Color etsy shop (+1 extra entry)

giveaway ends December 14th and the winner will be announced on December 15th. the winner will receive their teething rings before Christmas.

Good luck & Merry Christmas!
xoxo, kerri


Hailey's Holiday Gift Guide

I put together this little gift guide for Hailey. I've called it a gift guide but really, it's just a list of things we got her for Christmas. haha. I especially love the wooden teething rings. Stay tuned for your chance to win these on my blog. giveaway coming soon!

1. Target has this great line of children's clothing called Cat & Jack. I found this sweater in Hailey's size & I am obsessed!

2. I found these teethers on etsy. These are great because Hailey is cutting some little daggers right now and she wants to chew on EVERYTHING! They are organic

3. I love all the classic stories, Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Little Woman & I've always wanted to share these stories with my daughter! Now I don't have to wait. BabyLit has created these little board books of the classics that are perfect for toddlers!

4. The Anthropologie Fashionable Fauna Doll - need i say more?

5. These Cat & Jack skinny jeans with the heart knee patches. Oh my word, have you ever seen such an adorable pair of jeans in your life?

So, these are some of my favorite gifts for her this year. What are you guys buying your Littles this year? Send me links in the comments below!

Merry Christmas!
xoxo, kerri


The Wonder and Magic of Christmas

I remember Christmas morning as a kid. My mom went to great lengths to make Christmas amazing! I remember not being able to sleep the night before because I knew the excitement that would come when I ran downstrairs in the morning. My eyes practically popped out of my head when I saw what was under the tree. 
Most of our gifts would be wrapped but some not, and we would scream out the things we saw that we knew were ours, "ahhh my Pocahontas Barbie!" Yes, I wanted that doll so bad one year, I took the store advertisements out of the newspaper & left them on mom's bathroom vanity every morning with a big red circle around Pocahontas so that she knew, without a doubt, what I wanted. 

On Christmas morning, mom would make us all stand in front of the tree before we opened anything and just, look. She wanted to see us marvel at everything. It really was magical! 

This year, it's my turn to see Hailey get lost in the wonder. I can't wait to make Christmas as wonderful for her as my mom made it for us. 
I also can't wait to experience the true meaning of Christmas with her. It's not so much about what's under the tree but about a baby in a manger and what He did for the world on another tree. How He gave, gave of himself so the world could be reconciled back to God. And how God gave Him to be given. We give because He gave all. This Christmas may we remember & celebrate His precious birth. 

How do you connect to the true meaning of Christmas?

Merry Christmas!
xoxo, kerri
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