Pickin' Pumpkins

Oh hey there!!

it's been a short while, hasn't it?

sorry bout that! my last post i was 7 weeks pregnant & i'm currently 17 weeks pregnant! let's just call those last 10 weeks The Sick Weeks. my first trimester was pretty miserable. i had very very bad morning all day sickness! but, i am in my second trimester and feeling so much better! i will post my current bumpdate tomorrow but for now, we are pumpkin patchin'
i got some of the girls together & we headed to the U Pick Red Barn here in town. it was amazing! i am so excited to live in a place that actually has seasons {no offense PHX}!
Ivy, we can't take you anywhere! ;)
our baby is this big...ish!
can you spot the Ivy in this picture and the one before it?
this will be the perfect pumpkin patch to take Baby Rose next year!

what fall activities have you been doing? leave me a link to your posts, i'd love to see em!

xoxo, kerri

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous photos! You are just about the prettiest pregnant girl ever


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