this week i officially feel like i'm dying. i must have 6 babies in there or something because i am sick as a dog!

How far along: day 4, week 6

Total weight gain: how bout total weight loss? from throwing up.

Maternity clothes: baggy comfy clothes. don't let any waistband touch the tummy or i will throw up.

Stretch marks: i'm so sick, i don't even care anymore.

Sleep: when i'm not asleep, i'm throwing up.

Best moments of the week: my friend Ivy coming over to drop off groceries and other things i've been needing. it's the only time i can eat.

Miss anything: the will to live.

Movement: i'm not doing much moving or i'll throw up. oh the baby! no, no movement yet.


Anything making you queasy or sick: everything!

Have you started to show yet: no

Gender: aren't boys suppose to make you really sick?

Name: ya, we've got it, but i'm not telling yet.

Labor signs: praise Jesus, no.

Belly button in or out: so far in it's not even funny.

Wedding rings on or off: on!

Happy or moody: miserable

Looking forward to: my husband to get home from work so he can take care of me.

Favorite thing said to me this week: "don't worry, morning sickness usually only lasts up to week 16" - multiple pregnant friends.
Oh goody, only 10 more weeks of this!!!

in case you were wondering, here is a recent photo taken of me:

some of you were wondering where i got this t shirt. i got it here. to read previous bumpdates, click here!

xoxo, kerri

*this post was inspired by my friend Britt of dotandjoy


  1. I always heard GIRLS make you more sick....but I was pretty sick with my second boy, not at all with my first. Are you his going to find out the gender beforehand?

  2. Girl I feel your pain!! I'm 13 weeks and still queasy. I had to be hospitalized from being so sick but I promise it gets better just take your Diclegis!! And by the way, I found your blog through a friends favorites list. I'm sure you're like who is this random?! But I can't wait to follow along with your pregnancy and see how similar we are. We still have no stinking clue what to name our baby so you're lucky!


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