BUMPDATE: 4 weeks

Hooray! we are expecting!!! i peed on a stick {actually 6 sticks} & it came out positive! we couldn't be more excited! thank you for all the congrats and well wishes, they mean so much to us. please follow along on our journey as we become parents. we would love your input and interaction. i'll be posting weekly updates or "bumpdates" so i can keep a record of my pregnancy & so our family & friends can follow along too.

How far along: day 5, week 4

Total weight gain: the kid is the size of a poppy seed. i hope none!

Maternity clothes: no, but i wish i could wear them. my abdomen feels like i've done about a million sit-ups or crunches. i've been sore so i've been avoiding any article of clothing with a waistband.

Stretch marks: nope, and i will be buying the best creams, oils, etc., money can buy.

Sleep: a few nights this week have been uncomfortable due to my sore abs and then there is the getting up every few hours to pee that has been irritating. i hate having my sleep interrupted but i guess it's all in preparation.

Best moments of the week: telling my hubby i was pregnant and then telling close friends & family we are pregnant!

Miss anything: Starbucks!

Movement: not yet

Food cravings: any and all things Mexican. he's his father's son (oh yeah! it's a boy!)

Anything making you queasy or sick: not really but my taste buds have definitely changed.

Have you started to show yet: other than the bloating, no.

Gender: my husband says we are only "aloud" to have boys!"yes sir!"  i don't care, as long as he or she are healthy.

Name: ya, we've got it, but i'm not telling yet.

Labor signs: praise Jesus, no.

Belly button in or out: so far in it's not even funny.

Wedding rings on or off: on!

Happy or moody: ecstatic! i had my first Bawling My Eyes Out episode the other day when i watched a video on YouTube explaining everything that's going on inside me right now "that's happening inside meeeeee... i'm so happy" ...but picture me saying that full on belly crying with snot & tears running down my face. mmm, pretty!

Looking forward to: August 14th, our first doctors appointment.

Favorite thing said to me this week: "4 weeks! oh that's before you start telling people you're pregnant, so thank you for telling me!" - i interviewed for a second job and i wanted to be up front with my potential employer and this was her response when i told her i was pregnant. way to make a first time pregnant lady freak the heck out! like i don't worry enough what with all the new things i'm feeling going on in my body right now. thanks a lot! i got the job on the spot so i guess that makes up for it.

xoxo, kerri

*this post was inspired by my friend Britt of dotandjoy


  1. It's a beautiful thing love, those moments of emotion are just there to prepare you for the love that you will now know why everyone says "until your a mother" you'll know love, moments.

  2. So happy for you and excited to follow along :)


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