The Start of Living Minimally

i have been noticing more and more just how much 'stuff' we have. our house is filled with so many "one day i'll use these" things.

such senseless waste!

i have been seeing more & more things like tiny houses and people living more simply and i can't tell you how appealing it looks to me. i don't think we'll go as far as a tiny house {maybe one day} but the living more simply and minimally is definitely doable. i've already started getting rid of a ton of nick-knacks {i'm a total nick-knack hoarder} and things we say we'll use but deep down, we know we won't. i can't tell you how freeing and refreshing it is.

so, we are on a new journey. a journey of living minimally. i know it may sound a little hippy-dippy but if you know my husband, he is anything but. me on the other hand, i'm a little bit bohemian. gypsy is in my blood {don't worry, i've repented of those generational curses and... and i'm getting off track here...

... we aren't going crazy! we'll still own a television {although, i could live without one} & go to the bathroom indoors and everything. we are just simplifying a little. no more buying things because someday i might use it. someday can wait & it will come...someday.
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xoxo, kerri

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