happy birthday to MEEEEEE!

 ...and i'm 28! wow, that hurts! haha just kidding but it sounds & feels really weird to me. 

^^^ my best friend Tabitha came into town for my birthday!! i think i am a little unconsciously homesick because when she left i started crying.
^^^ while she was here we had the best time! we took her to see all our favorite spots here in potato falls, including Love At First Bite!
^^^ my wonderful hubby bought me a bike for my birthday. 
^^^ a few other gifts i got. Target sandals from my daddy & debi, soaps and mini loaf pans from mom and dad Rose & hotel soaps from my sister -in-law {hotel soaps, especially those round ones, are my favorite! if you would like to participate in a hotel soap swap, please comment below}.
^^^ along with a bike, my hubby took me to see Cinderella. what a guy, am i right? i'm pretty sure he fell asleep during it but mad props to him for suggesting it. 
back off ladies, he's mine!!
^^^ once you get married, you chop off all your hair. sooo, i'm pretty sure the same goes for men. Huck chopped off all his head hairs & beard hairs. dang, we're cute! in case you missed the beard, here it is.
(photo cred: Forever 21)
^^^ this dress that was on my birthday wishlist from Forever 21 broke my heart. i went online once i got some birthday money to purchase & it was sold out {insert snotty crying here}! i emailed F21 & they said they usually don't get more in & if they do, they aren't notified beforehand. they said my best bet is to check back and see if it's been restocked. OHHHHKAAAAY! 
...ya, i've been checking morning, noon & night! 
^^^ bike selfies are not the easiest. 
...you get the idea!

i want to thank each & every one of you who helped make my birthday amazing!!! all who posted on my FB wall, sent me texts, called & sent happy birthday videos, {check my facebook page for all the adorable birthday videos from my nieces and nephews, while your there, give my page a little "like"}. you make me feel so special and loved. THANK YOU!!!

xoxo, 28 year old kerri


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