happy birthday to MEEEEEE!

 ...and i'm 28! wow, that hurts! haha just kidding but it sounds & feels really weird to me. 

^^^ my best friend Tabitha came into town for my birthday!! i think i am a little unconsciously homesick because when she left i started crying.
^^^ while she was here we had the best time! we took her to see all our favorite spots here in potato falls, including Love At First Bite!
^^^ my wonderful hubby bought me a bike for my birthday. 
^^^ a few other gifts i got. Target sandals from my daddy & debi, soaps and mini loaf pans from mom and dad Rose & hotel soaps from my sister -in-law {hotel soaps, especially those round ones, are my favorite! if you would like to participate in a hotel soap swap, please comment below}.
^^^ along with a bike, my hubby took me to see Cinderella. what a guy, am i right? i'm pretty sure he fell asleep during it but mad props to him for suggesting it. 
back off ladies, he's mine!!
^^^ once you get married, you chop off all your hair. sooo, i'm pretty sure the same goes for men. Huck chopped off all his head hairs & beard hairs. dang, we're cute! in case you missed the beard, here it is.
(photo cred: Forever 21)
^^^ this dress that was on my birthday wishlist from Forever 21 broke my heart. i went online once i got some birthday money to purchase & it was sold out {insert snotty crying here}! i emailed F21 & they said they usually don't get more in & if they do, they aren't notified beforehand. they said my best bet is to check back and see if it's been restocked. OHHHHKAAAAY! 
...ya, i've been checking morning, noon & night! 
^^^ bike selfies are not the easiest. get the idea!

i want to thank each & every one of you who helped make my birthday amazing!!! all who posted on my FB wall, sent me texts, called & sent happy birthday videos, {check my facebook page for all the adorable birthday videos from my nieces and nephews, while your there, give my page a little "like"}. you make me feel so special and loved. THANK YOU!!!

xoxo, 28 year old kerri



do you ever sit on the toilet so long your feet fall asleep?

the dress is black and blue {...or a purpley}, and let that be the end of the argument!

i have become obsessed with the show Hotel Impossible. i am trying to convince Huck we need to buy a bed and breakfast or hotel. i have 0 hotel experience but this show has taught me everything i need to know {bahaha, Anthony would would tell me i'm RIDICULOUS{say it with a brooklyn accent}!!!}.

on a similar note, i don't think a lot of people know this but i really really love the complimentary soaps & other toiletries that are left for guests in hotels. for my birthday, that's what i'm asking for
{yes you read that right, mail me all those lovely soaps you've stolen, you kleptos!}.

hotel soaps, and these few things:

this book | this candle | this shirt dress | this camera bag | these boots that my puppy chewed | the complete series | this pitcher

...and for your viewing pleasure, here are some of my hotel bathroom selfie's.

...but my two favorite birthday gifts are 1.) my husband is home on my actual birthday and 2.) my best friend is flying into town to visit. i've had so much fun preparing our guestroom for her. check it out here.

wow! this has been a really random post. gotta go, my feet are falling asleep.

have a fantastic day!
xoxo, kerri



Guest Room Essentials

my best friend is coming to idaho for my birthday and she will be our first visitor. i have so enjoyed preparing our guest bed & bathroom for her. i really really really want to own a bed and breakfast one day or maybe even... a hotel. 
now, the guest room isn't entirely done being decorated so i'm only going to show you some fun details & not the entire room yet. you'll get the idea though. 
here are the few things i've left in the room to make her stay more enjoyable.
^^^ in the closet i have an empty dresser for clothing and such as well as some hangers. i've stored extra pillows and an extra blanket on the top shelves. it gets cold at night for them Arizonians so i don't want our guests to be chilly.
^^^ we have a tall dresser in the corner that i have added some fun elements to. on top is a cute little snack station and in each of the drawers i've added guest amenities. 
^^^ bottled water, basket with a variety of snacks as well as a few menus from some restaurants that deliver {just in case}, an iphone dock & a picture frame with our wifi password in it. 
^^^ drawer one: assorted meds, band-aids, sewing kit, earplugs {because puppy likes to wake us up with barking}, some Greetings from Idaho postcards, iphone charger, matches, lint roller, flashlight, mints, pens & some paper.
^^^ i ordered these vintage style Greetings from Idaho postcards from zazzle dot com
^^^ drawer two essentials for her: tampons, panty liners, makeup remover wipes, face wash bar, face wash & face lotion, shaving cream, lotion, razor, shampoo & conditioner, hairspray, leave in conditioner, dry shampoo, sea salt spray & some fuzzy socks.
^^^ drawer three essentials for him: different phone chargers, q-tips, cotton balls, cotton pads, body spray, shampoo & conditioner, shaving cream, razor, mouth wash, toothpaste, toothbrush. {obviously, some of these things are essentials for women as well... i just didn't have enough room in the female drawer. what?!? we require more stuff. do you think we just wake up like this???}
^^^ drawer four: extra body and face towels
^^^ drawer five: extra bed linens
^^^ ...and last but not least, a guestbook. i remember when Huck and i stayed in a rental cabin for our honeymoon {here}. the owners had a guestbook and asked guests to leave them a note about their stay. it was so fun to leave them a thankful letter and to flip back and read what all the previous guests wrote. 

do you have a cozy guest room? i want to see! leave your links in the comments below. 

xoxo, kerri


Exploring Idaho: Love At First Bite

the most popular question i get from friends back home is "what do you guys have there?" i think when i say "Idaho" they think little house on the prairie. they give me a sigh of relief when i say we have a Target. Huck and i love exploring our cute little town. we found this amazing mercantile called Love At First Bite. it's MmmMmm good!
they have an adorable collection of vintage children's toys. i'll be taking advantage of those one day.
my favorite brand, J.R. Watkins
they have the biggest collection of olive oil and different types of vinegar. bring on the bread, i'm going sample crazy!
honey sticks. i actually think honey is quite gross but my husband loves it. this was his first purchase.
you'll find me by the chocolates case. the mint & chocolate squares are to die for. Andes Mints ain't got nothin' on these!

do you explore your town or city? i want to see your favorite places so send me your links!

happy exploring!
xoxo, kerri
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