Wifey Life | Anthropologie Edition

Husbands have no idea that wives buy things that are designed for use but will only be used for show.

example, Huck was baking me monkey bread in the oven, as one does, and he realized he needed to get it out sooner than he expected. he grabbed the tea towel hanging on the oven and attempted to use it to extract the monkey bread. then i hear, "uhhh babe! ... i just set your oven towel on fire!" i responded with a subtle {not so subtle} "WHAT?!? you set my Anthropologie Holly Jolly Christmas tea towel on fire?!?!?!" he began to explain & i began to cry & die a little inside listen understandingly. he was so cute and apologetic. i then informed him that that towel was for decoration only. he shot back with "that makes no sense, why would you put something out that you can't use, that's like wiping before you poop!" i told him women buy some things for looks & not for use. he found that to be very confusing.
unfortunately,  Huck had no idea that particular holiday tea towel had the embroidery backing paper still attached resulting in a small yet containable fire. oops! i forgave him & buried my scorched tea towel in the yard & i could swear i heard the sound of taps being played... just kidding, that last part didn't happen, except the forgiving Huck part, that really did happen.

moral of the story, all newly married men should be informed that their wives will purchase items that are only for show & not to be used. 
hey, wanna hear another story involving more violence towards Anthropologie home decor? well fasten your seat belts.  

twas the night before Christmas Eve & all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Huck and Kerrin were sitting by the tree, ...and the rest of the story will not continue in a rhyme. we were sitting by the tree because we had agreed to give each other one gift early. Huck handed me a small box, inside was an Anthropologie letter T Christmas ornament. I had been collecting a new letter each year and i already had a K so we needed a T. i excitedly grabbed the K from the side of the tree where is was hanging and hung the T & K next to each other on the bottom of the tree near where we were sitting so i could admire them. forgetting where i left them, we went out, somewhere, i forget where but when we got home and walked into the front room, i noticed random pieces of felt all over the place. i couldn't figure out what it was from until i remembered... ahhh my ornaments are made of felt! i quickly looked at the tree where our T & K were hanging, only they weren't hanging there anymore. then our fur-baby walked into the room & i put two & two together! yes, Gunner had eaten our ornaments! i could have literally killed her, i was so mad!

moral of the story, all Anthropologie items are cursed in this house! 

now, if you are an Anthropologie lover, you feel my pain. these items are like one of a kind, in a sense that they only are available in the store for that season. if you don't purchase what you like when it's available, you have to go hunting all over the internet to see if someone who purchased the item decided to get rid of it & is now selling it... not fun!
xoxo, kerri

sweater: thrifted | undershirt: Urban Outfitters | necklace: Target {similar} | jeans: Bohme | sneaks: Converse

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