lately, my sleeping has been cut short by Yappy Puppy who thinks 5 hours of sleep is enough for one night. now, you may think it is but that is painful for someone who normally sleep 8 to 10 hours.
...don't hate me.
in this season of my life i am taking full advantage of sleep since i will not be getting much once we start having kids. i tell ya, this puppy is great practice for a baby! i chase him around all day making sure he doesn't pee or poop in the house, trade the coffee table/side of the couch/dining chair legs/socks for the toys he is aloud to chew on & yesterday when i sat down at the computer, i rested my head in my left hand and began to smell poop...ya, totally had a "is that chocolate or poop(1)" moment. hint: it was not chocolate!
i tell ya, we almost had a puppy for sale until i discovered peanut butter... keeps.him.busy.for.hours!

in other news...

i just skimmed an article on Google news entitled 50 Shades Of Awkward: 5 Ways To Avoid Embarrassment At The Theater... i feel like if you need a guide to avoid embarrassment from seeing a movie, you probably shouldn't be seeing the movie. you have natural {God-given} warning signals that are built into you that are to help you discern what's good for you and what's not. embarrassment is a form of shame and if you feel that... DANGER! DANGER WILL ROBINSON! this is about the only good thing to come from this nonsense!

raise your hand if you wish Kanye would just shut up already! p.s. Kim, way to respectfully disagree with your husband by your facial expression during his ridiculously confusing rant. kids, find another role model!

i am loving these hand lettering tips from the ABM blog. i am horrible when it comes to writing all cute-like so this is great!

4 Things Every Husband Needs To Hear Daily and i would add "i respect you" to the top of the list, making it 5 things he needs to hear.

...and i know i already posted this on the book of faces, but i just discovered these ladies and i think they are just hilarious!

...and oh. so so SO excited for this!

xoxo, kerri
1. Baby Mama reference

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  1. But your puppy is soooooo cuteeeeeeee!!!!! I could never sit in a theater and watch 50 shades, I didn't read the books, but I think that would be sooo awkward to watch with strangers!


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