Baby Bear

Huck has been wanting a puppy.

kerri has been wanting a puppy too but didn't think now was the time to get a puppy {plus, huck & kerri already have a dog... and a horse!}.

huck & kerri have been having some... strong times of fellowship about purchasing a puppy.

kerri: "no, we already have a dog & i'd be the one taking care of him while you're at work and we're going to try for a baby at the end of the year {oops! spoiler alert!} and that's double the hair i'll have to vacuum up and double the cost of food and double the poop i'll have to scoop and..."

...the list goes on & on.

well guess who was the first one to ran up to the cage of puppies that were being sold outside of Sportsman's Warehouse last Sunday? THIS GIRL!

...as you can see, we got a puppy.
everyone! meet Bear, the little stinker! he's a purebred German Shepherd AKA the best dogs in the world!
look at those paws! we've got a big boy on our hands! 
Gunner is doing really well with him. at first she was like "i don't know about this newb, he makes a lot of noise & bites my tail". she's fine with him now and lets him jump all over her. they run around and play.
oh man! did i forget what it was like to have a puppy in the house. Spot Shot should sponsor my blog because i've used so much of their product in the last couple days and earplugs help with the "yip" "yip" "yip" sleepless nights.

"you pee pee outside, not inside, Bear!" 

"don't chew on the coffee table!"


"stop trying to eat my cell phone!"

...i feel like the scene in Turner & Hooch... "THIS IS NOT YOUR ROOM!"

oh man, & his farts are the worst! 

But the best part is when he falls asleep. he becomes this little limp noodle and i can pick him up and cuddle him till my hearts content. 

i love this little turd!
xoxo, kerri

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  1. Check out those gorgeous ears! What a pup! Also, onesies from Europe...just saying....;)


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