Willis Farm

ALSO on our honeymoon, Huck took me to a pumpkin patch. we arrived before it opened {oops} but the owner said since we were already there she'd let us go in. she gave us little pink slips for the scavenger hunt in the corn maze. she said that if we completed the hunt we'd win a candy bar. oh boy! at that point, i realized maybe we are getting too old for this... then again, maybe not. after we went through the corn maze, we went to pick our pumpkins. 
^^^ kissin' in the corn maze ^^^
^^^ i found one! ^^^
^^^ nevermind! too heavy ^^^
^^^ he wanted to get a jump on carving his ^^^
thank you Willis Farm for letting us sneak in early for corn maze scavenger hunts and pumpkin picking. did any of you go to a pumpkin patch or corn maze this year. if so, i wanna see. send me your links.

xoxo, kerri

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