hi, and welcome to kerri!

Kerri is a lifestyle blog run by me, Kerrin Nicole!

my loves: Jesus | Huck | Hailey | family | friends | Gunner | Bear | adventure | thrift shopping/treasure hunting | traveling | wild flowers | storytelling | homemaking | film making | envelopes | books | hold for more...

i grew up in Arizona but moved to to Idaho after i married {the most amazing man on the planet} Tyler {also know as Huck} at the end of 2014! Kerri was created to stay connected to our family and friends although i look forward to connecting with new people in the blogging community as well. i write about life, our adventures living in our fifth wheel, homemaking and my transition from "city girl" to "country girl" {get ready for comedy}.

i watch a heck of a lot of movies! i am an italian new yorker {yes, those first two years count!} married  to an irish country boy. i should stop eating so much chocolate cake. i hate bugs & strawberries. i fear heights. i have two tattoos {one on my arm that says "sanctified" and a cross on my hip with a banner saying "saved to live, live to serve"}. i regret the one time i wore stilettos walking around NYC {carrie bradshaw, you make it all look so easy}. i love camping & being outside. i ache when someone misunderstands the heart of God. i always listen to my music really loud. i am not a summer or beach person. i usually have a Starbucks every morning {it should be called "starTbucks"}. i dance all the time. i sing all the time, but people rarely catch me. i sometimes eat chocolate cake at midnight {see, i told ya}. i cry every time i watch Pride & Prejudice {"you have bewitched me body and soul and i love... i love... i love you"}. i'm not always quiet. i lose track of my age {i'm twenty nine?...ya, i'm twenty nine}. i need a new stroller {just throwin' that out there}.

|| random facts about Huck, Hailey and I:

  • Huck & I met at church.
  • Huck & I have been friends since 2009.
  • Huck & I started "talking with a purpose" two weeks after my birthday {March} and married two weeks before his birthday {October}.
  • Huck & I were engaged a month after we started dating {hey! when you know, you know!}.
  • Huck & I both love salt & vinegar chips and cherry coke
  • Hailey was born with a very rare, very mild case of Spina Bifida {read here & here}

|| what's with all those little numbers? {i need to start doing that again}
those little numbers are called footnotes. i like them. i use them.

have more questions?
ask away!

xoxo, kerri

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