Want To Burn A Couple Of Vacation Days Sleeping On the Ground?

"hey, want to burn a couple of vacation days sleeping on ground? 
uh, no! 
What if I told you you get to crap standing up 
...I still wouldn't want to go. 
You'll wake up freezing covered in a rash
...all right, I'll go!"
this past weekend i went camping with my brother and his family. we had a blast! we headed up to the Mogollon Rim near Payson, AZ. i couldn't wait to get out of this heat and into some cooler weather and boy did we get it! within an hour of setting up camp it started to rain... and hail. it wasn't that bad though. we all sat under the tarp my brother tied to two trees and watched. it was very peaceful! the kids went crazy and wanted to play in it but concerned mothers kept screaming "get under the tarp"! it sprinkled on and off until we went to bed. 

it is a tradition in my family {and by "my family", i mean "me"} that whenever we go camping i must play the Camping sketch by Jim Gaffigan. i played it for the boys and they loved it! i think this tradition will stand in the years to come. listen to it here:
^^ camping essentials
^^ man made or animal made? these scratches caused quite the dramatic reaction.
^^ my sweet nephew
^^ the boys decided to build a bear trap to keep us safe. can you tell by his face, Benji was very into it.
^^ "sister, get pictures of my truck!" - my brother {can you see the hail on the ground?}
^^ this is what you do when you are bored during a camping trip. you find a tree stump and you attempt weak cheer leading moves. apparently, it was super funny cause we were laughing the entire time.
^^ gotta have a little piece if Huck with me - his shirt from the marines.

it was a quick trip but a great one! i hadn't been camping is a very long time so it was fun to get out there and be one with nature again. happy camper!

how was everyones weekend? what did you guys do?

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xoxo, kerri

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