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I'M pretty sure i'm the only human on the face of the planet who had no desire to go to hawaii. i'm not a beach person. give me the mountains and the woods any day, i'll leave the beach. my aunt & uncle have timeshares on a few of the hawaiian islands and for as long as i can remember they've alternated between them every other year. this year they were headed to the third largest island, oahu. for years they have asked me to join them but i never went. this year they finally twisted my arm & i am so glad they did. hawaii is truly beautiful and a fantastic vacation spot. 
^^^ i got in a hula-off with this chick! i won on account of, she was a little too stiff.
^^^ there are posters all around the marketplace of all the movies that were filmed in hawaii. gidget is one of my all time favorites.
^^^ my aunt, uncle and i at Pearl Harbor - it is very surreal being there. i love history so this was probably my favorite part of the trip. i have a ton of pictures from the memorial so i'll prolly have to put together a separate post for those. 
{see 9/11 memorial pics here & here}
^^^ torpedo!...and one of the "smaller" ones. oh my!
^^^ surfin' USA! i will never do this and you can't make me!
^^^ my favorite hotel, The Moana. i would love to stay at this hotel if i ever make it back there.
^^^ massive leaf
^^^ apparently, there are ranches hawaii! who knew? in fact, one of the largest and most historic ranches in the US is located in hawaii! again, who knew!!!
hawaii was such a fantastic trip! i would recommend it to anyone. fun fact: hawaii will also be a very memorable trip for me because that is where Huck & i started to realize there was more there than just a friendship!

aloha, kerri

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