To Register Or Not To Register...That Is The Question?

I KEEP picturing Steve Martin in Father of the Bride, "you have received another very loovely, too good to be true, silver tea set."(1). Do we really need a silver tea set?!? Or how about a gravy boat? If and when those do show up at dinner, they never keep the gravy warm so what's the big deal (2)?!?

a few of my favorites from our registry:
{click here to view our entire registry}

Huck & I have both lived on our own(3) so we were having trouble figuring out what to put on our wedding registry. We {pretty much} already have everything we will need so we weren't even going to do a registry. However, when people started looking at me like I had six heads I decided... I guess it can't hurt! I must admit, I am a bit of a rebel when it comes to wedding registries. I don't look at them. If I'm invited to your wedding, you're getting cash! I thought that was how everyone felt about registries. I was wrong.

Upon my browsing, I did realize we do need a few things. Ya know... a vacuum would be nice I suppose! Since Huck is in Idaho & I am in Arizona, I started searching for online registries but didn't like a ton of things at one particular store. I found this amazing website called, myregistry{dot}com. You can add all the things you love from different stores onto one registry. Isn't that amazing!!! Having an all online registry is very helpful considering we can't go to the store and pick out things together, which makes me a little sad but you gotta do what you gotta do, right!

We did our best to compile a list but I still feel like I'm missing some things.

what stores do you recommend registering at?
what are your favorite products?

what are your recommendations in general?

xoxo, the future Mrs. Rose

  1. Yes, I will probably reference Father of the Bride a lot in the next couple of months.
  2. I did find one I like...dang it.
  3. ...but separately of course. keepin' it Jesus!

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