Thriftin' Thursday || My Favorite Phoenix Thrift Shops & A Thrift Haul Video

HERE are my picks for best thrift shops in Phoenix, AZ!

Goodwill Lake Pleasant & 83rd Ave: this is the Goodwill that is closest to my house. you can find me cruisin' these aisles about 3 times a week.

Goodwill 16th Ave & Happy Valley Road: i found a cart full of my favorite sweaters here

Goodwill 7th St & Union Hills Dr.: i never not find anything here

Goodwill Scottsdale Rd & Thunderbird: this is right down the street from my work and i frequent it on my lunch hours when i need a quick thrift fix.

Savers Scottsdale: this is where you find the designer stuff.

Savers Deer Valley: my old stomping grounds & where i first started thifting! this place is another one where you can't leave empty handed.

Savers Peoria: where i buy a lot of my home goods.

you probably can tell by the above list that i am a Goodwill and Savers fan. i know of other thrift stores around the valley but i seem to always head straight for one of these locations. i'd like to explore more so if you know of any other good thrift stores (Goodwill, Savors or otherwise), feel free to leave them in the comments, i'd love to hit them up before i make the move to The Potato State.

happy thriftin'
xoxo, kerri

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