Thirftin' Thursday || My Thrifting Tips & A Thrift Haul Video

I don't know if you know this about me or not but i am an avid thrifter! i love it! it is probably my all time favorite hobby. i go thrifting 3 or 4 {or more} times a week if the paycheck permits which lately, it hasn't! ...paying for a wedding ya'll!

anywhoo! my friend kimberly over at Diary Of A Brown Eyed Girl asked me to do a thrift haul video of my latest finds. i have done thrifting posts in the past and they weren't anything special but i thought the video aspect would spruce things up a bit. we'll see. if all goes well i may start a thriftin' series. 
along with the video of my latest finds, i'd like to share some of my thrifting tips with you:

TIP # 1: create a routine. when i first started thrifting, i was horrible! i didn't know where & when in the store to look but after some very aggravating trips, i figured out a routine that works for me. clothing first! you always want to shop clothing first because clothing is the only thing you can take in the dressing room with you {typically}. you don't want to leave a cart full of home decor treasures outside your dressing room door and risk someone snatching something. also, clothing takes up the most space in your cart so weeding through the clothing you want and don't want will free up some space in your cart for those other finds. i typically shop the following sections of the store in this order:
home decor

TIP # 2: know how to work the system. that sounds so evil i know, but it will seriously save you money. pay attention to the sales. at Goodwill, knowing what color tag is 50% off on which days can really save you a bundle. every other saturday is 50% off the entire store. i can't tell you how many times i've gone thrifting on a friday night and the next day was 50% off day and i would've gotten {not a word, but i'm making it one} everything for half the price. grrrr, makes my blood boil just thinking about it. Goodwill also emails a monthly 20% off coupon to newsletter subscribers that has unlimited use. Savers gives you a $3.00 off coupon every time you make a donation. i typically bag the items i want to donate using regular grocery or shopping bags. i keep the bags in the back of my car and every time i am at Savers i donate two. you can use that $3.00 coupon on any purchase of $10 or more. Savers also has sale days as well as membership card perks so pay attention to those sale times. you can find out in advance the sale schedules for both Savers and Goodwill on their websites or an associate will most likely greet you with them as soon as you enter the store. 

TIP # 3: get creative. that long sleeve shirt may look way better with the sleeves cut off. the not-so-nice color that picture frame is would look super awesome with a new coat of paint. that coffee mug stand would make a really cool jewelry holder. see what i'm getting at? use your imagination and above all, have fun! thrifting is treasure hunting! you have such a great opportunity to find one of a kind pieces. and to be honest, a lot of my favorite things {clothing, household items, etc.} are my my thrifted things. 

happy thrifting!
xoxo, kerri

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