The Proposal

"how did he pop the question?"
he said, "Kerrin Nicole, will you marry me?"
...that's it.

oh! oh! oh, you want like, THE WHOLE story. Ok, i can do that! but before i tell you how it happened i have a confession. Huck and i have technically been engaged since May. we wanted to wait to tell everyone until he got the ring though(1)

when Huck and i got engaged(2) we asked his sister Courtney, who is a fantastic photographer, to take our engagement pictures. she agreed and we decided it would be a cool idea to take them on our trip to idaho to visit Huck. when Huck suggested going to Yellowstone National Park, i thought that would be the perfect spot for them. 

we woke up early that friday morning, Huck made us a delicious breakfast & we headed out. we stopped and had lunch in Jackson Hole Wyoming, then headed to Yellowstone. 

the park is absolutely gorgeous! especially to a person who has grown up in desert and dirt her whole life. who knew the color green existed outside?!?

it took us most of the day to drive though Yellowstone... it's huge, and we kept stopping to take pictures. we stopped at a gorgeous view of Jackson Lake(3); a huge meadow of purple wild flowers; & a tucked away water fall that would've felt like a secret if it weren't for the twenty or so people that were stopped there as well taking pictures. it was so unbelievably beautiful! Huck said if we hiked up the mountain a little we could see the top of the waterfall really well, so we did. he kept messing with his boot as we climbed & i figured he got something in it, maybe a rock. i mean, who hikes in cowboy boots?!? am i right??
we took a few pictures and hiked back down. walking to the car, Court said we should probably start looking for a spot to take engagement pictures so we don't lose the light. Huck and i agreed so off we went. 

we found this perfect little spot and Court started snapping away. after about three poses she asked us to sit on a tree that had fallen down and face her. Huck asked her to stop shooting for a moment because there was something bothering him in his boot. i looked down at it for a second & then back up at Courtney not thinking anything of it. i noticed the huge smile on her face so i quickly looked in his direction.
he was holding a small white box.
^^^ oblivious ^^^
^^^ OH MY GOSH ^^^
^^^ there better not be a pair of earrings in there ^^^
^^^ my ring ^^^
it was PERFECT!

huge "thank you" to my future sister-in-law Courtney for capturing this special moment for us and to Huck who couldn't have planned it any better! it was perfect, babe. Thank you so much!

xoxo, kerri

  1. if you know my personality at all...or even a little, you know how hard this has been for me to keep it a secret. i've been wanting to shout it from the rooftops!
  2. technically, he actually asked me to marry him three times. i said "yes" all three times. i guess he was making sure i was sure?!?! he can ask me to marry him as many times as he wants for the rest of our lives as far as i'm concerned. 
  3. unbeknownst to me, that was when Huck stuck the ring box in his boot. sneaky sneaky! 

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