So This Happened

i had been complaining to Huck for weeks about my hair. it was driving me crazy! it had reached the point of being too long. i couldn't really style it because it was so heavy that it wouldn't hold a curl anymore. it was constantly on the hop of my head in a messy bun & i was OVER IT! i finally text Huck and said "it's time! the locks have got to go!" 
...and there they went!
 ^^^ i didn't tell anyone but Huck that i was cutting my hair so these are the pictures i kept texting my friends and family without any explanation... i love freaking people out!
BOOM! 10 inches GONE!

last night i was hanging out with a few girlfriends and a few of them have really long hair. i was looking at it and not even missin' it! i was so ready for the change! i guess it it true that newly married women chop off all their hair after the wedding!

what crazy changes have you made lately?

xoxo, kerri


  1. 10 inches goodness gracious!!! I just had 2 inches trimmed off and I suddenly felt bald! I waited a year to cut my hair (I was busy having a baby) and felt so naked after I left hahaha! The cut looks beautiful on you!

    1. Thanks Whitney! Ya, I was so over my long hair. The challenge now is figuring out how to curl it with a flat iron. This I am not good at yet! haha


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