Our First {Rental} Home


HUCK went on a search for our first rental home in Idaho & he found one that we both absolutely loved! a two bedroom, two bathroom duplex with a great yard for Gunner and a huge storage room inside the two car garage. it has a living room and a family room with a good sized kitchen and a ton of storage space. it's not something we'd ever buy because we eventually want to buy property a little further out from town, but it's the perfect starter home for us! it's in the quaintest little neighborhood & right in town which will allow me to become more familiar with my new stomping grounds. it's down the street from the church Huck already attends and it's close to a movie theater! 
...ya know, the necessities!

it couldn't be more perfect!

so without further ado, i present our first home:
^^^ this is where Huck will hang Christmas lights! ^^^
^^^ our Christmas tree will go right in that front window ^^^
^^^ isn't this the perfect wall for a piano? anybody got one they'd like to donate to us? ^^^
^^^ kitchen isn't blurry in real life ^^^
^^^ dining room area ^^^
^^^ living room area with that beautiful fireplace ^^^
^^^ it's a white picket fence!!!... i think ^^^

i am so excited, i already know exactly where all the furniture will go! once we are all moved in, i will post a full tour with the bedrooms and everything.

xoxo, kerri

*these are not my photos

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