O Christmas Tree!

Well, this year was my first Christmas with a real Christmas tree. it was pretty exciting! we went to the tree lot. took the obligatory photographs for instagram & then i turned and pointed to the nearest tree and said "that one!".
i guess i should work on my Christmas tree picking out strategy but i just don't care. a tree is a tree, and this one worked for us. it a beautiful 
 footer that smelled like oranges? that through me off but apparently some trees give off a citrus smell. i did not know this & every time i walked into the front room where the tree was, my senses where confused. i thought i was supposed to be smelling balsam?!? 
anywho, the tree served it's purpose and even stayed up well into the new year... actually it's still sitting in the garage at the moment. maybe we'll just keep her for next year, save us a trip & $40.

xoxo, kerri

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