MY BRIDAL SHOWER: A Tacky Bridesmaids Dress Shower

(WARNING: finger may grow tired from scrolling - long post)
THIS past weekend my bridesmaids through me a tacky bridesmaids dress bridal shower (thank you pinterest for the idea). it was hilarious! everyone was asked to wear the tackiest bridesmaid or wedding dress they could find! some traveled to Goodwill, others traveled to their own closets. i mean lets face it, some of us have been asked to wear some pretty tacky stuff at our friends weddings, am i right? the prizes were broken up into two categories, tackiest dress & bride's choice. my mother won the tackiest dress prize and i chose my sister-in-law to be, Abby. i mean, look at those sleeves!
^^^ my momma and mamma-in-law to be ^^^
^^^ sisters-to-be (see! look at those sleeves on Abby)^^^
^^^ my sisters ^^^
^^^ the tacky dress winner - my momma - i'm so proud! (side note: i hate when she holds my stomach in pictures, I'M NOT PREGNANT!) ^^^
^^^ work that baby bump! ^^^
^^^ Missy & Adriana ^^^
^^^ mom, mama-to-be & step-mommy ^^^
^^^ The Rose women! ^^^
^^^ admiring their dresses ^^^
^^^ we attempted to do the veil over the head shot. doesn't quite work with this many people ^^^
^^^ "who makes this stuff?!?" ^^^
^^^ let's play "lift the bride" ^^^
^^^ time for gifts. don't worry, i won't show the unmentionables. i'll let you wonder what i got by everyone's facial expressions ^^^
^^^ Abby must not have liked that one. ^^^
^^^ ....so let's embarrass her ^^^
^^^ photo booth time - as if we need to make these outfits any worse. ^^^
^^^ "Kerrin, i am your motha" ^^^
^^^ "treat my boy right!" "yes, ma'am!" ^^^
^^^ sisters! future mother with future aunt ^^^ 
^^^ more sisters! my momma and my aunt Debbie ^^^
^^^ mother daughter combo! my MOH with my other mother ^^^
^^^ don't stare directly at the sleeves ^^^
^^^ hey, no boys allowed!! OK, i guess B is the only one who can crash the party ^^^
^^^ crazy doesn't run in my family, IT GALLOPS! ^^^

that was the most amazing bridal shower! 
i seriously could not have asked for a better shower. it was full of belly laughs and goofiness, perfection! thank you so much to all my friends and family who have showered me with so much love during this special time!

xoxo, kerri

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