... i have been enjoying my new role as wife & homemaker! i am buried up to my nose in boxes but it's all good. i am slowly going through every room and making it feel like home, combining mine & my husbands styles. city girl meets cowboy is going strangely well. 

... one of my jell nails fell off somewhere in the house so when i hear the dog choke or my husband say "babe, what is that?!?" FOUND IT!

... i've never had to constantly wear sweats and sweaters around my house... i do now.

... i attended the church that Huck attends when he is home and fell in love with it. thank you Jesus for the beautiful body of Bible followers. feels like home.

... meeting and making connections with some great Idaho bloggers and created a facebook page called {dun tah da dah} Idaho Bloggers! if you are a blogger and living in idaho, please join the group here. i am also the newest member of the Idaho Bloggers Guild. woohoo! they like me! they really like me!

...my husband & the dog are still alive so we are doin' good! how are all of you?

xoxo, kerri

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