Huck's Hidden Talent

SINCE Huck and i are living in two different states, we keep each other updated by texting each other an awful lot of pictures. i have discovered that he has quit a knack for photography. these are all photos he's taken with his iphone {i've added my editing touches to most of them} and set to me. aren't they great!
^^ napping with his little buddy
^^ wild horses by his work.
^^ i can't tell if this a healthy cowboy/horse relationship or not. lips off, Wyatt!
^^ he is always picking me a bouquet of wildflowers {BTW: he took the picture of the wildflowers in this post too}.

^^ ...and even his selfies are good {isn't he so handsome :D}!

as a blogger, it's awesome to have a {almost}husband who has an eye for photography. he has already graciously offered to take pics of me for the blog any time i need them. yup he's pretty wonderful! i am very grateful for Huck's support of my blogging endeavors. THANKS BABE!

in other news, everyone is a buzz about the film trailer for 50 shades of grey being released. check out this blog post about these controversial books/films!

also, there are three more days left in the Arroway Giveaway. don't forget to enter here!

tomorrow i am off to northern AZ to go camping with my brother and his family. very glad to be getting out of this 114 degree heat. ya, you read correct - ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN DEGREES {Phoenix would be a bad choice for summer vacation spots, just a heads up}!

what are your weekend plans?
whatever they are, have a fabulous one! 

xoxo, kerri

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