Honeymoo la' la'

HUCK surprised me with a night at the Arizona Grand Resort the first night of our honeymoon. when we reached the front desk and the dude behind the counter told us our room had been upgraded to a villa. woohoo!! {side note: am i the only one or does everyone else get upgraded rooms for free too [see]? i think every time i've stayed in a hotel, i've been upgraded to a suite or penthouse or something. either i've made it celebrity or it is the favor of The Lord... or this time, it might have been the rather large white dress i was wearing.} the room was amazing with a capital A! i of course, like a dummy, didn't take any pictures of it. whoops! 

the next day, we headed up to Lakeside, AZ where Huck had rented us a cabin! this place was our home away from home. it had everything we needed, because it is... someone's home. basically, the owners rent out their cabins to people as little vacation rentals. brilliant idea and something Huck and i are throwing around for the future. we hung around town all week, went antiquing and ate great food! it was the perfect romantic cabin in the woods. 
we had the most perfect & relaxing honeymoon!

xoxo, kerri

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