His Weekend Visit

I'VE always wondered why people complain about long distance relationships and say they can't and don't work out. i must admit it has had it's sucky moments {like when you want to call each other up to go do something but oh wait, you can't cause you are states away} but overall, it's been good. knowing i will be married to him and moved to where he is in three months helps a lot. haha, a light at the end of the tunnel if you will. granted our situation is a bit different. Huck and i have been friends for 6 years. he moved to Idaho 2 years ago and we lost touch as people do. in march of this year, we reconnected and it sparked. so, we aren't the classic long distance couple. we haven't been together for years and then all of a sudden his job relocated him to another state or anything like that. we haven't been through this huge dramatic parting, we just happen to be living in two different states when God was like "hey, you two should get together". i'm not going to pretend that i have this whole long-distance relationship thing figured out but i do think if two people are committed to making the relationship work, they just make it work.

this past weekend Huck came to visit me. he is so good about that {side note: i had to stop and thank him the other day. guys i've dated in the past wouldn't even drive across town to see me. he fly's over an entire state just to see me, i can't believe it}! we only had about a day to spend together because i had to work most of the days he was here. the weekend finally gave us the time we wanted so we headed up to Prescott saturday morning to have breakfast at The Raven Cafe. if you are ever in Prescott, check them out! they are wonderful. they have great food and coffee and they have live music most nights. after that, we walked around town and did a little hat shopping. it was nice seeing the small town still decked out in patriotic gear.
any time i get to spend with him is amazing! i have been very anxious lately because i am so ready to marry him and get all moved to Idaho. it's like waiting for Christmas! it's so close and i just want to get there already!

he keeps telling me to enjoy the process. 
i am! i am!

i'm just so excited to start my life with him. COME ON 90 days!

xoxo, Oats

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