Hello Idaho

WELL, The Roses have made it to Idaho! Our wedding, honeymoon & first road trip went very well! i am unofficially a resident of idaho now. that is, we are still waiting for our marriage license to arrive so that i can begin the fun task of changing my name. i am currently staring at the list of things that need to now say "Rose" instead of my maiden name- it's rather long.
speaking of "maiden name", it's really fun to now say things like "oh my husband does that" and "my husband would love this"
i have a husband!!! 
...and i am his wife!!! 
it's very exciting!
i am catching myself say things like that and thinking, i've never said that before...kinda like the maiden name comment a second ago.

our house is amazing! my husband {insert giggle here} did such a wonderful job at finding us our first home. i am loving every second of unpacking and organizing it. when i am no longer buried under a ton of boxes, i will post a home tour or you can check out some unfurnished pics in this previous blog post.

our wedding photographer told us our photos will be ready sometime next week so when we receive those i will be sure to share them. we also had wonderful friends bless us with a video of the day and i can't wait to share that with you as well!

i hope all our AZ people are staying nice and warm. it's beginning to look a lot like snow here. burrrr

until next time,
xoxo, Mrs. Rose

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  1. Where in Idaho have you moved here? I moved here to Mountain Home, Idaho a few months ago. My husband is in the Air Force and we moved here from San Antonio. Huge difference but we love it here so far! :) just make the most of it here and enjoy all of the great things Idaho has to offer. :)


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