Selecting The Right Christmas Card

FOR years i have always envied people who were able to send out photo Christmas cards with their family photo{s} displayed on the front. i LOVE photo Christmas cards! i love them so much that i actually save all the ones i receive. yes, i'm weird! i punch a hole in the corner and attach it to a metal ring decorated with red and green ribbon. every year, i pull the collection out of Christmas storage & go through it. it's really cool looking back and seeing how my nieces an nephews grow year after year and to see how friends have changed. 
well, this year, i get to send out my very first photo Christmas card! Minted products have been my favorite for a while now so once Huck and i picked the photo we wanted to use, i went straight the the website and began customizing our card! i placed the order and once i approved the proof they were printed and delivered straight to our door in a matter of days. i don't want to brag or anything but, we are definitely going to have the best Christmas card this year... hee hee! Check out the holiday cards and for the handful of friends that were married this year check out the Newlywed Holiday Card section. Let's see if you can guess which card Huck and i chose! the person who picks the correct card...wins something! lol 

do you send out photo Christmas cards? if so, i may want you to send me one!
haha...but i''m serious!
check out Minted & let me know what you think! oh yeah, they are also offering 15% off holiday cards right now. WOWZA!

happy card creating!
xoxo, kerri

*** i am incredibly selective about my partnerships and only partner with or share brands i believe in and use myself. i have chosen to become an affiliate of Minted because i believe in the products and i'm ridiculously obsessed with paper goods! Minted is the premier online store offering fresh & modern products to help celebrate all of life's special occasions. 

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