Dear Idaho

^^^ hello front yard! ^^^
^^^ hello backyard! ^^^
^^^ ...and right after this shot, i dropped my iphone on the driveway and cracked the entire screen. darn you, fuzzy gloves!

...what's with the snow? life lately has been cold! apparently, this much snow in idaho falls is unheard of this time of year. i guess snow like this isn't suppose to start until the end of december and now i'm hearing this is suppose to be the worst winter in two years. thanks idaho, you couldn't have waited one more year to give me the bad winter. you just had to break me in like this huh? oh well, i am determined to become an idaho girl no matter what! 

for the first time this week i drove in the snow. i only wanted to cry once {when my car started sliding} so we're doin' good. i successfully made it to the bank, the grocery store & McDonald's... priorities. i also shoveled snow for the first time. i shoveled our entire driveway and felt very accomplished. it only took me shoveling half the driveway to realize i didn't have to shovel one scoop at a time. i could push the shovel really hard the entire length of the driveway acting like a human snow plow. 

checking the mail has become a little more difficult. our mailbox is at the other end of our cul de sac in one of those community mailboxes. it takes more time putting on the amount of clothing i need to walk to the mailbox as it does actually walking to the mailbox. on the other hand, if i want to drive to the mailbox, i will need about 20 minutes to heat up my car in the garage beforehand. i'm at a loss.

on a happier note, God's favor has been on my husband & me. we just found out that he will be home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas! Which we thought would be near impossible with this job but God worked it out. so many other praise reports to mention but i'll save those for another post. 

until next time, stay warm!
xoxo, kerri

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