Dear Idaho

I am obsessed with your water tower. i know, that's kinda weird but i am. i was looking at all the pictures i snapped from the trip i took to visit you {and Huck} and the majority of the shots are of your water tower. i am memorized! we don't have any water towers in AZ. at least, none that i'm aware of. we don't have any water so why would we need a tower for it?

i think i've seen too many movies with scenes involving water towers. i think i've seen too many movies in general but that's another story. let's see, there is Sweet Home Alabama where Jake is sitting at the top of the water tower with his buddy's! nothing really happens in the scene but i still like it. i asked Huck if we could climb to the top of your water tower and sit up there and he said "no", something about getting in trouble or getting arrested... i don't know. i think he was just being a party pooper {JUST KIDDING, BABE!}.

then there is the movie Griffin and Phoenix. oh man, you want to cry your eyes out, watch this heart wrenching film! two people who are dying from cancer meet, fall in love and spend their last days together. in one scene they are up on a water tower and Griffin is painting something on the tank. he doesn't allow Phoenix to look at what he's doing, then the cops show up and bust them before she can see what he painted. the last scene of the movie, after one of the characters dies {oops, SPOILER ALERT}, they show the audience what he wrote. it says "Griffin loves Phoenix" in huge letters with a big heart around it {cue large amounts of tears and snot}. it's so sweet.
so, i now associate water towers with romance & breaking the law. two things i am sure to participate in once i move.

Huck said if i ever broke the law and was put in jail, he'd leave me there so i could learn my lesson.  {don't ask me why we were having a conversation about me breaking the law, i have no clue...}. maybe i won't be breaking the law anytime soon. except for the occasional{and by "occasional" i mean, frequent}texting while driving.

Sorry...tangent. to sum it all up, i guess i think water towers are romantic in some weird way. i don't really know. all i know is i am super excited to live by your water tower.

...and i'll try not to get arrested for climbing it.

xoxo, kerri

{DISCLAIMER: i am not implying that i will be intentionally breaking the law. i simply mean, each place has it's own quirks and until i am made aware of those quirks, i may do some things wrongs. when my mother moved from New York to Arizona, she didn't realize you couldn't drive in the turn lanes. Long Island is different from Phoenix! what can i say! 

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