Dear Idaho

LISTEN here! you are going to be my new home so it's important that we get along! i'd like to take a moment to ask a few things of you.

this will be my first legitimate winter, like with snow and everything. go easy on me. i've never driven in snow before. please don't make my tires lock up and i swerve into a ditch and die!
also, i've never had to blizzard shop before so i'm not aware of how much food i'll need to have stocked up in case we get snowed in. maybe you could chill it {no pun intended} on the snowfall this year like to a light smattering, that'd be good. the last thing i need is to be snowed in for days and not have purchased enough food and water and we die.

i've never lived in the country before. i'm not used to all these random country noises. creaky floors and such. i don't want to hear something and think i'm being burgled when it's really Huck coming home to surprise me and i accidentally shoot him.

along with that, if i break down on the side of the road and someone stops to help me, it's going to be really hard for me not to go Chuck Norris on them. i've seen enough slasher movies to know the innocent broken down driver always gets offed on one of those quiet back country roads.

to sum it all up Idaho, please don't kill me.

other than that, i am super excited to start this next chapter of life with you!

sincerely almost yours, kerri

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