Counterfeit Country Girl

HAVE i mentioned that Huck is a country boy?
Have i also mentioned Huck lives in Idaho?
Have i ALSO mentioned that i will be moving to Idaho?

yes, this city girl is making a move to the country! AND I CANT WAIT!!! it's small town livin' for us {cue Green Acres}! Huck's job is in Idaho {actually it's in Wyoming, close enough} & we both prefer the cold to the heat so it's "peace out AZ"!

i am beyond blessed because i'm going to get to do what i've always wanted to do, stay home & keep house! it's cooking, cleaning & raising babies {eventually} for this girl & i couldn't be happier!

a few months ago i read a memoir called Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl by Susan McCorindale{here}. i about peed my pants laughing throughout the entire book. at her husband's prompting, this suburban mom and New York career woman agreed to give up her stressful six-figure job & move to a farm in Virginia.

from Manolos to manure. 
it's hilarious! 

if you have a chance, read it! anywhoo, the reason i bring it up is because i think The Lord was preparing me for this move with this book. this is going to be quite a culture shock for me so please stay tuned. i will be blogging all about my transition from city girl to country girl.

hilarity is sure to ensue!

in other news, our wedding is in one hundred and twelve days! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i can't wait!

xoxo, Oats

{DISCLAIMER: i don't consider myself a complete & total "city girl". i grew up hiking and camping and shooting guns with my dad. i know a thing'er two about a thing'er two! however, when i called a ranch a "cattle farm", Huck laughed and had to correct me {insert cheesy unknowing grin here}. 
my apologies!

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