Boot Scootin' Boogie

HUCK bought me boots this weekend!

my first official pair of cowgirl boots!

i am quit in love with them. i want to wear them all the time.

as soon as i put them on, i assumed all the moves i needed to line dance, two step and otherwise would magically be given to me. so naturally, i asked Huck to take me country dancing. when we arrived at Buffelo Chip, i realized i was a little out of my league. i was picturing the scene in the new Footloose movie when they all went dancing "hey mister won't you sell me a fake id" and it was more like the scene in Son In Law when the Crawl and the mother walk into the bar and all the gannies and pop pops are on the dance floor staring at them.

i guess we picked the wrong night to go dancing.

it was still a blast though. we watched all the couples dance around. they were so sweet!

Huck and i have some serious work to do if we are gonna be gettin' on that dance floor anytime soon! if not, i can just hear them all now "awe, bless their hearts".

xoxo, Oats

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