So This Happened

i had been complaining to Huck for weeks about my hair. it was driving me crazy! it had reached the point of being too long. i couldn't really style it because it was so heavy that it wouldn't hold a curl anymore. it was constantly on the hop of my head in a messy bun & i was OVER IT! i finally text Huck and said "it's time! the locks have got to go!" 
...and there they went!
 ^^^ i didn't tell anyone but Huck that i was cutting my hair so these are the pictures i kept texting my friends and family without any explanation... i love freaking people out!
BOOM! 10 inches GONE!

last night i was hanging out with a few girlfriends and a few of them have really long hair. i was looking at it and not even missin' it! i was so ready for the change! i guess it it true that newly married women chop off all their hair after the wedding!

what crazy changes have you made lately?

xoxo, kerri

The Rose's First Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

our first Christmas was great! i was feeling sick the night of Christmas eve so we went to be early, we woke up Christmas morning around 3am because Gunner needed to go out. when Huck hopped back into bed we tried to fall back to sleep but i think we both realized it was Christmas & we were too excited so we got up & opened all our presents. Huck got me the 50mm lens for my camera that i'd been wanting as well as this fur coat i'd been hinting at for weeks, he gave me a list of hunting gear that he had wanted. i had no idea about any of it but i ordered them. i was expecting these huge boxes & really all his gifts would've fit in his stocking. 
after we opened presents the exhaustion hit me again so we went back to bed until 9am, we woke up & spend the day together. it was an awesome first Christmas together however, i was a little sad to be so far away from our family. it was my first Christmas away from home so it was definitely different. yet another first for me, snow! this was my first white Christmas! it was so magical!

i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
xoxo, kerri


O Christmas Tree!

Well, this year was my first Christmas with a real Christmas tree. it was pretty exciting! we went to the tree lot. took the obligatory photographs for instagram & then i turned and pointed to the nearest tree and said "that one!".
i guess i should work on my Christmas tree picking out strategy but i just don't care. a tree is a tree, and this one worked for us. it a beautiful 
 footer that smelled like oranges? that through me off but apparently some trees give off a citrus smell. i did not know this & every time i walked into the front room where the tree was, my senses where confused. i thought i was supposed to be smelling balsam?!? 
anywho, the tree served it's purpose and even stayed up well into the new year... actually it's still sitting in the garage at the moment. maybe we'll just keep her for next year, save us a trip & $40.

xoxo, kerri

It's An Etsy Christmas

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6

here are my holiday favorites from Etsy! i love finding unique ways to decorate for Christmas. i'm obsessed with The Fickle Felt Tree's pom pom garland. you can do so much with these garlands, wrap the tree with them or string them up on the mantelpiece. truche's I Heart Arizona State Ornament is my most recent purchase. gotta keep AZ close. get your state ornament here. On The Wings Paperie makes gorgeous gift tags. i love branching out & using colors other than the classic red & green in my decorating and gift wrapping. like the Bottle Brush Trees from Attic Rose. They come in a variety of colors and are very "Anthropologie"! we never had an advent calendar growing up but i am digging the tradition! i love the Gold Mini Holiday Advent Calendar that is filled with washi tape by Sticker Stop. and last but not least, the adorable gift tags by Numage Lab feeding my pom pom addiction once again. 

do you guys shop Etsy during the holidays for decor and/or gift wrapping supplies? if so, what products do you love? i am always looking for new & fun Etsy shops and products.

xoxo, kerri

The Rose's First Thanksgiving

our first thanksgiving went really well! we ate four hours later than we had originally planned but whatever. i cooked some family recipes including spinach quiche, green bean casserole, baked beans & pecan pie. 
i was a cooking machine!
thanksgiving definitely solidified my hatred for cooking but i will happily continue if it means keeping my husband alive and happy.
Huck was in charge of the chicken. yes, you read right. i said "chicken". since we both aren't fans of turkey, we decided to be rebels and make a chicken instead. 
i also had fun decorating our table. as i look through these pictures i think about all the things i should have added or changed. grrr, isn't that so frustrating? thinking of better ideas after the fact. happens to me all the time. anywhoo, what you'll find on our table is mostly thrifted. the table itself was $3 at a garage sale & then i found my favorite chairs on amazon. the plates were given to me by my loverly blonde friend, Britt. the table runner is a strip of painters paper roll {perfect for writing what you are thankful for on}. the napkins are thrifted as well as the candle holders. oh! and those awesome felt leaf coasters are from bed, bath & beyond. 
we got to chat with a lot of our family back home via facetime and spend our first holiday together. there are so many things i am thankful for. one huge thing was that Huck was able to be home for it. i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving.

i am currently waiting for Christmas cards to arrive in the mail. please send us yours! it will make my holiday season. don't forget to check out Minted if you are needing some card inspiration.

xoxo, kerri

15 Gift Ideas For The Outdoorsman

1  ||  2  ||  3  ||  4  ||  5  ||  6  ||  7  ||  8  ||  9  ||  10  ||  11  ||  12  ||  13  ||  14  ||  15

Christmas is right around the corner and we only have thirty-something shopping days left. are you like me? do you wait until the last minute to shop or do you spread out your shopping over the course of a few weeks/months? i am a firm believer that Jesus is the reason for the season but i do enjoy blessing others with gifts this time of year. i am married to an outdoorsman and i am what they call "in-doorsy" {for the most part} so when it came time to decide what to get Huck for Christmas i was a little stuck. so {with huge help from Huck}, i put together this collection of "out-doorsy" products for other city girls shopping for the rugged men in their life.

what kind of guy do you have? do you have trouble shopping for him?

xoxo, kerri

Selecting The Right Christmas Card

FOR years i have always envied people who were able to send out photo Christmas cards with their family photo{s} displayed on the front. i LOVE photo Christmas cards! i love them so much that i actually save all the ones i receive. yes, i'm weird! i punch a hole in the corner and attach it to a metal ring decorated with red and green ribbon. every year, i pull the collection out of Christmas storage & go through it. it's really cool looking back and seeing how my nieces an nephews grow year after year and to see how friends have changed. 
well, this year, i get to send out my very first photo Christmas card! Minted products have been my favorite for a while now so once Huck and i picked the photo we wanted to use, i went straight the the website and began customizing our card! i placed the order and once i approved the proof they were printed and delivered straight to our door in a matter of days. i don't want to brag or anything but, we are definitely going to have the best Christmas card this year... hee hee! Check out the holiday cards and for the handful of friends that were married this year check out the Newlywed Holiday Card section. Let's see if you can guess which card Huck and i chose! the person who picks the correct card...wins something! lol 

do you send out photo Christmas cards? if so, i may want you to send me one!
haha...but i''m serious!
check out Minted & let me know what you think! oh yeah, they are also offering 15% off holiday cards right now. WOWZA!

happy card creating!
xoxo, kerri

*** i am incredibly selective about my partnerships and only partner with or share brands i believe in and use myself. i have chosen to become an affiliate of Minted because i believe in the products and i'm ridiculously obsessed with paper goods! Minted is the premier online store offering fresh & modern products to help celebrate all of life's special occasions. 


Dear Idaho

^^^ hello front yard! ^^^
^^^ hello backyard! ^^^
^^^ ...and right after this shot, i dropped my iphone on the driveway and cracked the entire screen. darn you, fuzzy gloves!

...what's with the snow? life lately has been cold! apparently, this much snow in idaho falls is unheard of this time of year. i guess snow like this isn't suppose to start until the end of december and now i'm hearing this is suppose to be the worst winter in two years. thanks idaho, you couldn't have waited one more year to give me the bad winter. you just had to break me in like this huh? oh well, i am determined to become an idaho girl no matter what! 

for the first time this week i drove in the snow. i only wanted to cry once {when my car started sliding} so we're doin' good. i successfully made it to the bank, the grocery store & McDonald's... priorities. i also shoveled snow for the first time. i shoveled our entire driveway and felt very accomplished. it only took me shoveling half the driveway to realize i didn't have to shovel one scoop at a time. i could push the shovel really hard the entire length of the driveway acting like a human snow plow. 

checking the mail has become a little more difficult. our mailbox is at the other end of our cul de sac in one of those community mailboxes. it takes more time putting on the amount of clothing i need to walk to the mailbox as it does actually walking to the mailbox. on the other hand, if i want to drive to the mailbox, i will need about 20 minutes to heat up my car in the garage beforehand. i'm at a loss.

on a happier note, God's favor has been on my husband & me. we just found out that he will be home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas! Which we thought would be near impossible with this job but God worked it out. so many other praise reports to mention but i'll save those for another post. 

until next time, stay warm!
xoxo, kerri



i've been bouncing around the idea of getting a job or volunteering somewhere. its been difficult to decide since i want to be home when Huck is home. i dropped off a donation at our church's thrift shop and grabbed a vanilla latte at the coffee shop inside. i started chatting with a few of the employees and found out that they attend Watersprings Church. God is so good. i've been praying that we'd make some friends and connect with some awesome people. one of the employees asked me if i'd be interested in volunteering. i'd be able to make my own schedule and be home when Huck is. the manager came over and introduced herself and i told her i was interested in helping out some days. she said "great"! well there a go, more answers to prayer. thank you Jesus!

xoxo, kerri

p.s. if you are a blogger in the idaho falls area, we are having a meetup at Bohme in the mall on tomorrow (wednesday, 11.19.14) from 6-9pm. hope to see you there!

October Seventeenth Two Thousand Fourteen

...and they lived happily ever after!

xoxo, mrs. rose

Cake Topper: Franny Chicago
Videographer: Noble Films
Florist: DIY
*all photos by Josh Snyder Photography
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