vegas wedding

this past weekend my eldest brother married the love of his life in las vegas, nevada. one of my mother's friends offered to drive us to vegas and let us stay with her and her daughter. our entire trip was covered... again {see}! i don't know how my mother keeps scoring these free trips from her friends - a combo of god's amazing graze and my mother's wonderfully generous friends! we were given our own room on the 32nd floor of treasure island hotel & casino, all our food was paid for plus gambling money {not a huge gambler, but still - wow!}. mom and i were completely blown away & blessed. 
we had a blast! 
my brother and his new bride have been together for 13 years, have two beautiful children and have been through some of the most difficult trials and relationship can have. through it all, they persevered and created a beautiful picture of forgiveness and love. so proud of them!

this month is super crazy with travel. vegas last week, san diego this weekend & in two weeks i'm headed to hawaii. stay tuned for those trip photos. if that's not crazy enough, throw in trying to buy a home. my NACA counselor said i should have a home by mid-summer. woohoo!! can't wait to share pictures of it with you!!! 

love life - every time you enjoy your life, you worship the God who gave you that life!

xoxo, kerri

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