the leading lady of my own life?

now that i have established i am a single, 26 year old girl(1) living with her mother in a rented house with 3 dogs on the other side of the valley from her friends, her church, her work...her life, this single girl is looking for things to live. not things to 'do' but things to 'live' (ya, i made it up).

as much as i admire all you bloggers out there with your cute husbands(2) who take amazing photographs of your outfit posts and your adorable babies donning the latest baby fashions found on etsy, i have one question for all of you... what's a single girl to blog about?

i've tried the whole 'fashion blogger' route - it's not for me. what can i say, sometimes i want to look frumpy. plus, the stress of having to come up with a new outfit everyday was giving me hives! trust me when i say, you would get bored with my outfits. say "hello" to this outfit repeat offender. i wear the same outfit like all week. OK, so i'm exaggerating!!! the max i'll wear an outfit is two days in a row(3). what can i say, "if an outfit works, you work it hard" (replace the word "outfit" with the word "dress" & name that movie(4)!).

i've also tried 'travel blogger' but seeing as i have no money, the most interesting place i can take my followers is... tucson(5). i think the most exciting place i've been to is NYC and THAT is a pretty exciting place! all of that will change in this year, Lord-willing.

i've tried the lifestyle blogger, the entertainment blogger, the craft blogger and any other type of blogger you can think of.


not only am i trying to find fun & interesting things to blog about, i am trying to find fun & interesting things to 'live'. see, along with allowing The Lord to bring my heart to contentment with my single relationship status, He has also given me a new found freedom & zest for life, not just to live life but live it to the fullest. no more waiting for life to happen to me, i'm going out and taking life! ...not in the murdering sense... you know what i mean, living life to the fullest. i am doing a bunch of things i've always (and not so always) wanted to do. for example: i am writing. not just blogging but i am writing my own scripts. i just finished my first short film and now i'm working on a youtube web-series which i'm really excited about(7)!

to steal a quote from one of my favorite movies "you're supposed to be the leading lady of your own life for god's sake (8)". well dagnabbit, that's what i'm doing! HELLO WORLD, GET READY FOR...


  1. ...27 in three months. madonna mia!!! (italian for holy f..crap!!)
  2. naomi davis from lovetaza, you are my favorite!!! please follow my blog!
  3. OK. if i work all day long and i'm wearing work clothes then i come home, change into normal life clothes and only wear those normal life clothes for that evening then go home hang up the normal life clothes, go to bed, wake up the next morning, go to work wearing different work clothes then come home, change into the same normal life clothes from the night before, wear those normal life clothes from the night before for that evening ...of that night, ... it's technically one full day of wearing that outfit. comprende?
  4. kate hudson in bride wars
  5. the red headed step-child of arizona
  6. i will henceforth be known as 'the blogger'. 
  7. have you heard? i'm an actor and an aspiring casting directer. read my 'i'm an actor' post here and my 'casting director' post here
  8. kate winslet in the holiday


  1. you. i can relate. i think when i was being interviewed by the blogging committee as to whether or not i was qualified enough to have a blog, they skipped right over the "married with cute kids" check box. a huge oversight on their part as i am very single with zero kids. (ha! suckers!) i wonder the same things you do. what the heck kind of blogger am i? i don't do many (read: any) fashion posts for the exact same reason. who has time to wake up and get dressed in time for "golden hour"? who?? haha. i like your honesty. but even if you don't figure out what kind of exact blogger you are, don't stop blogging! mmmkay?

  2. Liked it, but your caps key seems to be intermittent..... Look on the bright side, you could be living with your father! Hah! Love you, Dad.

  3. I am sure you have many things that you are passionate about. I have a husband and a kid and I still debate if I should continue blogging or not. But thats because I compare my content to other bloggers too much. You are unique. I haven't found my passion yet and I am not the kind of person that blogs just to blog, I think is a waste of time. I really like to see pictures with your friends in the cafe and pictures with your family. Maybe you should just take your blog to another level, your diary... Kerrin, you are absolutely stunning, you stop traffic.

    Maybe you need a break to find what you are really passionate about and not just blog to blog. You are awesome and you know what, there is absolutely nothing wrong about being 26 and living with your mother. At least not in my culture! Do enjoy life, count your blessing, you are young and are very talented.

  4. Can I suggest you go hiking with your sister in law :)

  5. Can I suggest you go hiking with your sister in law :)


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