i'm not complaining

number of friends currently pregnant or who have recently had babies: twenty nine (1).
number of friends currently engaged or who have recently been married: thirty three
number of friends currently single with me: ninety six + (2).

upon surveying all my single friends, i've realized how many amazing people there are in my life! i wish i could play matchmaker, man do i know who i would pair up(3)(4). seriously, you guys are great! thanks for being in my life.

to all you new parents i say. "congratulations & from what i've heard, you will never get a full nights sleep ever again"

to all my newly married friends i say, "congratulations & from what i've heard, you will never get a full nights sleep ever again ;)"

to all my single friends, "isn't a full 8 hours AMAZING!"

AN ENCOURAGING NOTE TO MY FELLOW SINGLES: you know when a friend or relative is trying to encourage you by saying "oh, i know you feel like it's taking forever but that must mean The Lord has got someone extra special for you" or "in God's timing, He will bring you the perfect man/women" and all you want to do is punch them in the throat? ya, i'm right there with you! the fact of the matter is, we are called to be like Jesus and guess what, Jesus is still single - He feels our pain. So in those moments when you want to smother your great aunt ida with a pillow because she keep on saying things like "when i was your age, i was pregnant with my fourth child", stay calm, and fall into the arms of The One who is still waiting on His Bride to get her act together and stop running away from Him. hey at least He knows who is spouce is...i'm over her still praying mine is tim tebow.

  1. DANG! you people be gettin' biZay)
  2. YES! single people! still in the lead *woot woot*!
  3. wouldn't you like to know {insert 'evil laugh' here}?
  4. actually if you would like to know, drop me a line and i'll tell you {insert 'wink' here}!
xoxo, kerrin

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