happy thursday!

current location: scottsdale, az (work)
current time: 11:27am
current temperature: 52* (how come the keyboard doesn't have a 'degree' symbol??)
current state of mind: joyful

current book: Confessions Of A Counterfeit Farm Girl by Susan McCorkindale - you wanna pee your pants laughing? read this memoir. from  Manolos to manure, she moves from the suburbs to the sticks and talks about corralling cattle in her peep-toe pumps. oh gosh, the comedy!

current songs i've downloaded: wings - Birdy, recover - CHVRCHES, i see fire - Ed Sheeran, we are the love we give - Imaginary Future, my god - Jeremy Camp, by your side - Sade, chocolate - The 1975

current(ly) waiting on: my first meeting with my NACA counselor (Jan 23rd). i know what you are thinking 'what the heck is NACA?!?'. NACA is a non-profit organization that helps home buyers and home owners. they have a home buying program that allows the buyer to purchase a home without a down payment, closing costs and all that jazz. it's true! check em out here. needless to say, yes, i am in the process of purchasing my first home. hooray, oh, the parties i will throw!

current traveling plans: march 8th - vegas - brother getting married. march 30th - april 4th - hawaii. i also may throw in some spur-of-the-moment trips to cali - we'll see. stay tuned for pictures!

current goals: live more...and oops time for my lunch break!

enjoy today, kerrin

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