a wink & a smile

"...We go together, like a wink and a smile"
have you heard that song by harry connick jr.? oh, i just love him... and that song! i have deemed that song my work theme song, thanks to He Who Shall Not Be Named. have i told you about 'cutie across the hall' at work? i'm pretty sure i have(1). any-who, we have upgraded from a wave and a wave to a wink and a smile. he winks, i smile. it's a great system! my coworker is continually baffled by the fact that he hasn't asked me out yet(2). she says "at this rate, you'll be married by 2058". HA. i, on the other hand, am not baffled by this and am almost(3) glad he hasn't. i quite enjoy romanticizing him from a far with what little i know of him(4). i'm pretty sure he does the same thing with me. hooray for a functional relationship not based in reality whatsoever! it is possible!

ok, you really want to know why i am single??? i mean, the real truth about why i'm not in a relationship? well here it is... the truth. 
i am a princess. my grandmother on my father's side tracked me down living with my mother and told me i am the princess of a small european country. my name is kerrin nicole annalouise constance thermopolis renaldi. i can't date anyone at the moment because i have to leave this land of liberty and travel to the land of my father's family to take lessons in running a country as i am next in line for the thrown... and i'm betrothed to a prince already.

so there it is, the truth(6)!

apart from my occasional interoffice (technically, he doesn't work in my office, he works for a completely different company across the hall. so that would be "outeroffice") flirt, i am able to work on other things that i am passionate about whilst at work. things like, script writing, reading, the occasional event planning, & this amazing home buying program(5). this is what a typical work day consists of! 

DISCLAIMER: i am absolutely, one hundred percent grateful for & in love with my job! thank you so much {insert boss' name here}!!!!!

boy am i all over the place today, do forgive me! i'm wearing my glitter zara heels(7) today and they make me act crazy!

xoxo, kerrin
  1. see i have {click here}!
  2. it's been six months+ of wave,wave; chat, chat; wink, smile; chat chat.
  3. almost!
  4. all amazing things of course blah blah blah Mr. Too-Good-To-Be-True. now, if you only love the Lord...hmmm? i wonder.
  5. shhh, don't tell my boss.
  6. i'm kidding... i'm just really pathetic. I'M KIDDING, AGAIN!!!
  7. for photo, click here.

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