cali birthday

my friend brittany & i decided to take a quick weekend trip to san diego california for our birthday's {we are 10 days apart} we had a blast staying downtown in the gaslamp quarter. the hotel screwed up our reservation and we it ended up being four girls in a room with one queen sized bed. we were troopers though and made it work. we spent the day at mission beach and the evening out on the town. it was an awesome little birthday break... except or the horrible sunburn i got. seriously! traffic cone status!

xoxo, kerrin


vegas wedding

this past weekend my eldest brother married the love of his life in las vegas, nevada. one of my mother's friends offered to drive us to vegas and let us stay with her and her daughter. our entire trip was covered... again {see}! i don't know how my mother keeps scoring these free trips from her friends - a combo of god's amazing graze and my mother's wonderfully generous friends! we were given our own room on the 32nd floor of treasure island hotel & casino, all our food was paid for plus gambling money {not a huge gambler, but still - wow!}. mom and i were completely blown away & blessed. 
we had a blast! 
my brother and his new bride have been together for 13 years, have two beautiful children and have been through some of the most difficult trials and relationship can have. through it all, they persevered and created a beautiful picture of forgiveness and love. so proud of them!

this month is super crazy with travel. vegas last week, san diego this weekend & in two weeks i'm headed to hawaii. stay tuned for those trip photos. if that's not crazy enough, throw in trying to buy a home. my NACA counselor said i should have a home by mid-summer. woohoo!! can't wait to share pictures of it with you!!! 

love life - every time you enjoy your life, you worship the God who gave you that life!

xoxo, kerri


life lately, according to my iphone

^^^ happy valentine's day || my valentine (the dude) ^^^
^^ the arabian horse show with the fitz family || started training with my stepmom - #VSsupermodelbody ^^
^^^ our monday night bible study girls group^^^
^^^ edie's (sister-in-law) bridal shower ^^^
^^^ valentine's birthday party with the bradley twins - love them ^^^
^^^ valentine and i at our theatre schools oscar party ^^^

love life,


announcements, announcements, announcements!


Our short film, The Matchstick House is an Official Section of the 2014 Phoenix Film Festival
ahhh i remember so long ago when we were in the pre-production stages for this film. we have come so far. here are a few behind the scenes pics of making this film.
thank you all for your tremendous support. we are so blessed to be apart of the Phoenix Film Festival and are super excited for our next project which is currently in the works. to stay up to date with projects from Life & Death Productions, please like our facebook page here (it is currently still our Matchstick House page but will be re branded with the production company name here shorty).

xoxo, kerrin


life lately, according to my iphone

funny faces with dad || petting bunnie with James at the farmer's market - then the bunny peed on me || farmer's market fun || more farmer's market fun || new read || my amazing monday night girls group.

life lately has been crazy, exciting and tiring. exciting news is coming your way. i've got a few announcements to make, people.

happy friday,


a wink & a smile

"...We go together, like a wink and a smile"
have you heard that song by harry connick jr.? oh, i just love him... and that song! i have deemed that song my work theme song, thanks to He Who Shall Not Be Named. have i told you about 'cutie across the hall' at work? i'm pretty sure i have(1). any-who, we have upgraded from a wave and a wave to a wink and a smile. he winks, i smile. it's a great system! my coworker is continually baffled by the fact that he hasn't asked me out yet(2). she says "at this rate, you'll be married by 2058". HA. i, on the other hand, am not baffled by this and am almost(3) glad he hasn't. i quite enjoy romanticizing him from a far with what little i know of him(4). i'm pretty sure he does the same thing with me. hooray for a functional relationship not based in reality whatsoever! it is possible!

ok, you really want to know why i am single??? i mean, the real truth about why i'm not in a relationship? well here it is... the truth. 
i am a princess. my grandmother on my father's side tracked me down living with my mother and told me i am the princess of a small european country. my name is kerrin nicole annalouise constance thermopolis renaldi. i can't date anyone at the moment because i have to leave this land of liberty and travel to the land of my father's family to take lessons in running a country as i am next in line for the thrown... and i'm betrothed to a prince already.

so there it is, the truth(6)!

apart from my occasional interoffice (technically, he doesn't work in my office, he works for a completely different company across the hall. so that would be "outeroffice") flirt, i am able to work on other things that i am passionate about whilst at work. things like, script writing, reading, the occasional event planning, & this amazing home buying program(5). this is what a typical work day consists of! 

DISCLAIMER: i am absolutely, one hundred percent grateful for & in love with my job! thank you so much {insert boss' name here}!!!!!

boy am i all over the place today, do forgive me! i'm wearing my glitter zara heels(7) today and they make me act crazy!

xoxo, kerrin
  1. see i have {click here}!
  2. it's been six months+ of wave,wave; chat, chat; wink, smile; chat chat.
  3. almost!
  4. all amazing things of course blah blah blah Mr. Too-Good-To-Be-True. now, if you only love the Lord...hmmm? i wonder.
  5. shhh, don't tell my boss.
  6. i'm kidding... i'm just really pathetic. I'M KIDDING, AGAIN!!!
  7. for photo, click here.


i'm not complaining

number of friends currently pregnant or who have recently had babies: twenty nine (1).
number of friends currently engaged or who have recently been married: thirty three
number of friends currently single with me: ninety six + (2).

upon surveying all my single friends, i've realized how many amazing people there are in my life! i wish i could play matchmaker, man do i know who i would pair up(3)(4). seriously, you guys are great! thanks for being in my life.

to all you new parents i say. "congratulations & from what i've heard, you will never get a full nights sleep ever again"

to all my newly married friends i say, "congratulations & from what i've heard, you will never get a full nights sleep ever again ;)"

to all my single friends, "isn't a full 8 hours AMAZING!"

AN ENCOURAGING NOTE TO MY FELLOW SINGLES: you know when a friend or relative is trying to encourage you by saying "oh, i know you feel like it's taking forever but that must mean The Lord has got someone extra special for you" or "in God's timing, He will bring you the perfect man/women" and all you want to do is punch them in the throat? ya, i'm right there with you! the fact of the matter is, we are called to be like Jesus and guess what, Jesus is still single - He feels our pain. So in those moments when you want to smother your great aunt ida with a pillow because she keep on saying things like "when i was your age, i was pregnant with my fourth child", stay calm, and fall into the arms of The One who is still waiting on His Bride to get her act together and stop running away from Him. hey at least He knows who is spouce is...i'm over her still praying mine is tim tebow.

  1. DANG! you people be gettin' biZay)
  2. YES! single people! still in the lead *woot woot*!
  3. wouldn't you like to know {insert 'evil laugh' here}?
  4. actually if you would like to know, drop me a line and i'll tell you {insert 'wink' here}!
xoxo, kerrin


life lately, according to my iphone

beautiful ruins - fantastic book! || my new turn table - i'm having so much fun hunting for vinyl in thrift stores || gunner girl || gunner girl ||  my new state cutting board || mustache mayhem with britt || tuohy (two-ee) girl || confessions of a counterfeit farm girl - so funny || the new bride to be, alleah maree - bridesmaid!!! || hipster glasses || just a few of my new reads || jackson bessey play-dough date || gunner girl || world, welcome hannah kay yoder - bf from high school just had her first kid || red || re-reading & teaching captivating for girls group

live today, kerrin


the leading lady of my own life?

now that i have established i am a single, 26 year old girl(1) living with her mother in a rented house with 3 dogs on the other side of the valley from her friends, her church, her work...her life, this single girl is looking for things to live. not things to 'do' but things to 'live' (ya, i made it up).

as much as i admire all you bloggers out there with your cute husbands(2) who take amazing photographs of your outfit posts and your adorable babies donning the latest baby fashions found on etsy, i have one question for all of you... what's a single girl to blog about?

i've tried the whole 'fashion blogger' route - it's not for me. what can i say, sometimes i want to look frumpy. plus, the stress of having to come up with a new outfit everyday was giving me hives! trust me when i say, you would get bored with my outfits. say "hello" to this outfit repeat offender. i wear the same outfit like all week. OK, so i'm exaggerating!!! the max i'll wear an outfit is two days in a row(3). what can i say, "if an outfit works, you work it hard" (replace the word "outfit" with the word "dress" & name that movie(4)!).

i've also tried 'travel blogger' but seeing as i have no money, the most interesting place i can take my followers is... tucson(5). i think the most exciting place i've been to is NYC and THAT is a pretty exciting place! all of that will change in this year, Lord-willing.

i've tried the lifestyle blogger, the entertainment blogger, the craft blogger and any other type of blogger you can think of.


not only am i trying to find fun & interesting things to blog about, i am trying to find fun & interesting things to 'live'. see, along with allowing The Lord to bring my heart to contentment with my single relationship status, He has also given me a new found freedom & zest for life, not just to live life but live it to the fullest. no more waiting for life to happen to me, i'm going out and taking life! ...not in the murdering sense... you know what i mean, living life to the fullest. i am doing a bunch of things i've always (and not so always) wanted to do. for example: i am writing. not just blogging but i am writing my own scripts. i just finished my first short film and now i'm working on a youtube web-series which i'm really excited about(7)!

to steal a quote from one of my favorite movies "you're supposed to be the leading lady of your own life for god's sake (8)". well dagnabbit, that's what i'm doing! HELLO WORLD, GET READY FOR...


  1. ...27 in three months. madonna mia!!! (italian for holy f..crap!!)
  2. naomi davis from lovetaza, you are my favorite!!! please follow my blog!
  3. OK. if i work all day long and i'm wearing work clothes then i come home, change into normal life clothes and only wear those normal life clothes for that evening then go home hang up the normal life clothes, go to bed, wake up the next morning, go to work wearing different work clothes then come home, change into the same normal life clothes from the night before, wear those normal life clothes from the night before for that evening ...of that night, ... it's technically one full day of wearing that outfit. comprende?
  4. kate hudson in bride wars
  5. the red headed step-child of arizona
  6. i will henceforth be known as 'the blogger'. 
  7. have you heard? i'm an actor and an aspiring casting directer. read my 'i'm an actor' post here and my 'casting director' post here
  8. kate winslet in the holiday


why do you need photo of me?!?

Subtle (or not so subtle, if you know her) Mother came into my room the other day and told me that she wanted quote, "a recent photograph of me". Suspicious Daughter thinks mother is creating daughters online dating profile. Suspicious Daughter then comforted by the fact that Subtle Mother doesn't know how to work computer.

hmm... i wonder what she needs a recent picture of me for?!? there was no explanation. no, "oh, i want to hang it on my mirror at work" (she's a hairdresser) or "oh, just in case you decide to run away, i'll have something to put on the milk carton", nothing! I am bamboozled.

have i told you all i live with my mother(1)? ... and i'm single (2)... and i own dogs, three of them (3). they aren't cats but hey, still pathetic! HA! i'm kidding. my life is far from pathetic {cut to me sitting alone in a movie theatre, mrrr}. i have for so long fought the urge to become 'that girl' in the blogging world (4). ya know, the single girl who complains about being single, in a very charming & witty way of course. but now i'm doing it! i'm giving in simply because by the grace of God, He has finally (THANK YOU JESUS) brought me to a place where I am content in my singleness (5) and i am now able to joke about it without sounding completely bitter (ok, maybe some things will sound bitter, but only for comedic effect, promise!).

DISCLAIMER: i absolutely LOVE going to the movies by myself and there is nothing pathetic about it. to all you people who think that's weird, YOU'RE weird! when you have someone to go to the movies with, you sit there in silence & forget they even exist (unless, who you are seated next to is hot and you want to hold his hand, then you have NO CLUE that a movie is even playing and you are shockingly aware of everyone around you - weird how that works), or you are those people behind me who loudly whisper through every scene, last time i checked, that was RUDE. (reminder: silence is golden & a gun shot is even louder, ya i'm packin', so shut up!) my point, going to the movies by oneself is not pathetic, but if tom hiddleston asked me to join him i wouldn't say "no". 

  1. due to a very tramatic event (for my mother) i decided to move back in with her to help her financially as best i could. hence, the reason for my home buying endeavor. the other day mother and i were driving in the car - as one does - she looked over at me, grabbed my hand and said "ker, you sure you don't want me to move in with you and rent a room from you when you buy your house?" i turned to her and went "awwwwwe mom................ YA, i'm positive i don't want you to move in with me and rent a room from me when i buy my house (picture the scene in bridesmaids when annie's mom asks her if she wants to move in with her)! 
  2. ...and ready to mingle!
  3. mellie - 15 year old border collie mix who still looks like a puppy and is just like me, single & independent. we went to one of mom's clients' candle parties (remember those? shout out to partylite! woot woot!) and came home with a dog. man, can that consultant sell or what! Gunner - 8 year old german shepherd mix who is the cuddliest & biggest bundle of joy ever! SHE, is a 'she' who has a 'he' name (don't get me started). tuohy (pronounced two-ee) - she is our 6 year old, one-eyed chihuahua who likes to eat poop. ya, she's the problem child! we rescued her from the shelters kill list. not a lot of people want a dog with one eye, i guess. i totally just threw her under the bus (no that's not how she lost her eye. i mean that figuratively) when i said 'she eats poop'. she really is a good dog... with really bad breath. we adopted her right around the time sandra bullock won the best actress academy award for her portrayal as leeann tuohy in the movie, the blindside. mom named her tuohy because she fell in the pool on her blindside...get it. 
  4. i have fought this for so long because i didn't want to develop what i like to call, "Taylor Swift Syndrome" (TSS). you know how taylor swift always writes music about her breakups and relationship failures? well, i didn't want to be known as 'that girl with TSS'. poor taylor, i feel so bad for her. she's almost made a joke of herself. haven't you seen the t-swift someecards on pinterest that say "taylor swift's next song should be entitled 'maybe i'm the problem' "? ya, i didn't want to be surfing pinterest one day and find one that says "kerrin chance's next blog post should be entitled 'maybe i'm the problem' ".
  5. that is not a lie. i can with honest and true certainty say "i am grateful and even joyful for this time of singleness". i wasn't able to do that a few months ago but now i can and i thank The Lord for it everyday! i have not given up on that dream or allowed myself to be bitter about it anymore. i know my hubby will come whenever The Lord chooses to bring him, of that, He has promised and He is faithful. 
now...i'm off to find a recent photograph of myself.

xoxo, kerrin



happy thursday!

current location: scottsdale, az (work)
current time: 11:27am
current temperature: 52* (how come the keyboard doesn't have a 'degree' symbol??)
current state of mind: joyful

current book: Confessions Of A Counterfeit Farm Girl by Susan McCorkindale - you wanna pee your pants laughing? read this memoir. from  Manolos to manure, she moves from the suburbs to the sticks and talks about corralling cattle in her peep-toe pumps. oh gosh, the comedy!

current songs i've downloaded: wings - Birdy, recover - CHVRCHES, i see fire - Ed Sheeran, we are the love we give - Imaginary Future, my god - Jeremy Camp, by your side - Sade, chocolate - The 1975

current(ly) waiting on: my first meeting with my NACA counselor (Jan 23rd). i know what you are thinking 'what the heck is NACA?!?'. NACA is a non-profit organization that helps home buyers and home owners. they have a home buying program that allows the buyer to purchase a home without a down payment, closing costs and all that jazz. it's true! check em out here. needless to say, yes, i am in the process of purchasing my first home. hooray, oh, the parties i will throw!

current traveling plans: march 8th - vegas - brother getting married. march 30th - april 4th - hawaii. i also may throw in some spur-of-the-moment trips to cali - we'll see. stay tuned for pictures!

current goals: live more...and oops time for my lunch break!

enjoy today, kerrin


new year

"Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And auld lang syne?"

Goodbye year!
i made some great memories... 2013 made me laugh, cry, think, be thankful & be proud.

In this new year I will...
be brave     travel     be joyful     create     purchase     live     give     learn     & stop.

"may my heart be kind,
my mind fierce and my spirit brave - unknown"

"I want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares. - Saul Bass"

"Love your life because your life is what you have to give" - Tom Hiddleston

"Be in love with your life, every minute of it" - Jack Kerouac

xoxo, Kerrin
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