scenes from the city

fake bags on canal st || little italy || cannoli's || pizza || the subway || FAO Schwartz "Big" piano || ice skating in Rockefeller Center || lots of walking || Century 21 || Chicago on Broadway || Hell's Kitchen Flea Market || best burger in Brooklyn || Brooklyn Flea market || Brooklyn Bridge || sidewalk reminders of God's great love || almost finished Freedom Tower || dodging New York Marathon runners while crossing the street || hot Brooklyn men "following" us on the subway || fall leaves || cold weather || finding friends on the same flight home.

great trip!

xoxo, kerrin


|| no shave november ||

// happy november, people!
// no shave november is upon us. yes folks, the time of year when you can't tell who your male friends are behind all that hair. 
yes, this tradition has proven how manly they can be, and i've gotta say... i don't hate it!!!

// it works for guys...

// ...not so much for girls
//oh julia, why???

// have a happy and hairy november

xoxo, kerrin
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