have i told you lately how much i hate halloween? i really hate it! when i was a little girl, i maybe went trick or treating once or twice and then i just found it to be scary and pointless {candy was a regular part of my diet so i didn't see what the big whoop was all about}. i haven't and will never be "in" to halloween. i don't understand a "holiday" that celebrates death and all sorts of other sick and twisted things.

mom and i were on a walk around our neighborhood and one of our neighbors had strung what looked like a dead body that was duct taped and wrapped in a black garbage bag up on his street light. it's was not only disgusting but horrifying! i'm sorry, but you gotta be seriously messed up in the head to come up with something that morbid.

anywhoo. this photo was taken at my friend sarah's {aka the black swan} housewarming/costume party. i went as my favorite, holly golighty! gotta love audrey!

well, i'm off to nyc with my best tomorrow. i hope you have a smart and safe halloween if you are out and about.

xoxo, kerrin

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