|| a secret & a rant ||

// i have a tiny crush on the guy across the hall at work. from here on out, he shall be known as He Who Shall Not Be Named. he waves at me every time he passes by and on occasion, he pops his head in our office for a little chat. hmm??? my friend & co worker, kimberly volunteered herself to do some unsolicited reconnaissance on him. feel free to picture her clasping her hands together in the form of a gun whist dropping and rolling across the floor from one door to another, james bond style.

bum bum bum do do do bum bum bum

... i think she is determined to find me a husband by the end of the year. i do apologize, He Who Shall Not Be Named.

// i HATE when guys flirt with me. let me specify, i hate when unknown guys flirt with me. this is not some backwards, girl-code way of saying i love it. i promise you, i literally hate it! flirting is taking the easy way out! flirting makes me uncomfortable and indicates to me that you have no interest in what i say and you don't have the capability of saying anything interesting yourself. if you're interested, have a conversation with me! only flirt if you know the person you are flirting with likes you back! that's the only time it's fine, all other times are uncomfortable! with that said, thank you He Who Shall Not Be Named for always having a conversation with me when you poke your head into my office. you ask me real questions and then follow up questions as if you are legitimately interested in what my answers are, you make me smile!

xoxo, kerrin


  1. YES! I feel the same way about flirting!!

    (Well, felt. I'm married now, so I guess I have no real opinion anymore? Flirting in marriage though, is awesome. Haha!)

  2. Lol, I totally see Kimberly doing that! Well you are stunning, smart and wonderful, he will have to be STUPID not to like you!


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