|| pick of the week ||

// this weeks pick of the week is the movie the way way back
// this film is incredible! seriously, go see it! you won't regret it. it's got a sold script, a great message and a great cast. if that's not enough for ya, go see it just to watch steve carell play the biggest jerk on the planet! i am so thankful for films that actually have a story line and purpose. down with all the 'we're only in this to make money, pointless box office hits' and up with great films with great stories!

// click here to watch the trailer

// have a great weekend!

xoxo, kerrin


  1. Loved this film, it was fun watching Steve Carrell play a bad guy! Plus I saw it at the Barbican Centre (which you'd love), so it was extra special x

    1. bethan, you are seriously making me want to come to London... even more so than i did before! maybe i'll have to plan a trip!

  2. I've actually never heard of this, but I'm a big fan of the director so I may check this out! Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw.. would you like to follow each other to stay in touch?



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