|| texas comes home ||

// this beauty is one of my best friends of all time, literally... i've known her pretty much all of my time. alleah and i have been friends since we were two years old. we've got stories up the wazoo. from the time we fought over who got to play with which bunny and playing grocery store with those velcro plastic vegetables to the time our parents took us camping when we were six & she got stung multiple times by wasps & i escaped without a sting. ahhh yes, alleah and i have been through a lot together. anyways, she moved to austin texas last year & she was home this past week for a visit. we decided to get the jane austin book club (alleah, rebecca, mags, kellie and me) together for dinner and a movie! we went to true food kitchen at the scottsdale quarter. this place is fantastic! i am not a healthy eater by any means {i'm getting better} but i really enjoy this place! get the turkey burger - it's incredible!
// after dinner, we went to see the heat with sandra bullock and melissa mccarthy. hilarious! go see it but brace yourself for the language, lotta f-bombs!

happy tuesday!
xoxo, kerri


  1. You girls are too cute! Yummy yummy True Food!

  2. MMMM True Food! So good. Looks like you ladies has a blast!

  3. I love true food kitchen, and i've been planning to see the movie. glad to hear it was funny!


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