|| snail mail collective || july 2013

// remember a while back i shared with you that i joined the snail mail collective! the snail mail collective was created by chelsea & jeremy of lost in travels and melyssa of the nectar collective. each month, bloggers are able to sign up and then be partnered with a blogger in another country. your objective is to get to know people around the world, their customs, their way of life as well as the incredible places they live. you have two weeks to get to know your partner and send them a postcard with a gift no more than $5. last month i was partnered with bethan from a pretty place to play. bethan lives in london! incredible, i know! she & i started emailing and hit it off right away. she was telling me all about big ben and buckingham palace and i'm over here like, umm... here's another cactus!

// london is by far, more interesting than arizona. 

what i learned:

  • don't believe the myths about british food - it is really good!
  • bethan is originally from london but lived in south africa for a time
  • the guards at buckingham palace are welsh guards (either police or military). no one has been successful at making them laugh. when they are not guarding the palace, they are fighting in afghanistan.
  • bethan works in the london financial district
  • she says things like "i've been an utter failture", making me wish i had my new york accent so i can be just as cool!
// bethan sent me some cute little thank you cards along with this postcard of the guards at buckingham palace. how the heck did she know i love stationary?!? i promise i didn't tell her! she's good, that one.

// if you are interested in joining this months collective click here for the rules and information.

// for bethan's snail mail post, click here!

happy wednesday!
xoxo, kerri


  1. I love cacti! And I am so glad you liked the cards!

    Here is some more info about the Guards - http://www.army.mod.uk/infantry/regiments/23991.aspx - I know that they intrigue you, and they will form part of your tour!


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