|| a letter to baby me ||

//dear, baby me

// hey! how's it going? this is your twenty six year old self. i was just writing to let you know a few tidbits for & about your life. 

// number one, the most important thing to you, you still don't have but, it's coming! even miracles take a little time {i thought i'd lead with that since i know you were wondering}. i wish i could show you a picture of him and your five beautiful children {three boys, two girls} but i can't find a very good photo of tim tebow at the moment {who am i kidding, they're all good!}. // number two, go do all the things you've always wanted to do. around twenty two you'll get this wild craving for adventure and you'll write a bucket list. start checking things off. // number three, don't freak out. you are an extremely passionate person & you tend to make things a bigger deal then they are. seriously, don't sweat the small stuff! // number four, pray and read your bible more. the fact that this is number four is case and point why you need to pray & read your bible more // number five, don't bother with social media {except for your blog, of course} it's not that great! 
// number six, be patient... more.
// number seven, don't watch so many movies // number eight, don't get so frustrated with mom // number nine, contact lenses & getting your drivers license is no big deal. get those two things earlier than junior and senior year of high school // number ten, just because he's tall, a fireman and built like matthew mcconaughey, don't let him be your first kiss... on second thought, yahhh... go ahead! // number eleven, be more thankful. // number twelve, be more courageous. // number thirteen, spend more time with grandma. // number fourteen, spend less, save & give more. // number fifteen, i know you think you are helping, but point to the destiny and not to the distance between {listen to Lisa Bevere, you'll get it!}. // number sixteen, for crying out loud, smile more & don't be so afraid to show people your vulnerable/sweet side. // ... and number seventeen, all those good decisions you've made, make them all over again!

xoxo, you


  1. To baby fella,

    You will someday have the most amazing best friend.


    1. :) i know, mimz! Thank you for saying that!

  2. I'm curious to hear about the bucket list! x

    1. it's very long and it's very extravagant! LOL Although, London is on there!!! I may have to come and visit for real!! haha

  3. OMG We have the same age!!! This is such a lovely picture!!!
    Amazing!! We can see that you were already a fashionista hihihi ;)



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