|| "hey! wanna go to cali this weekend?" "sure!" ||

// a few weeks ago my friend kellie had an audition in California so she asked me to tag along with her for moral support. i said "umm, yes!" here are a few of the photos from our last minute adventure. 
// there were over 700 people there for this particular audition and i had to get a picture of the line. this does not do it justice. i asked one of the guys helping with the audition if i could sit in and audit the process for a bit since i am getting into casting and he said "no". well, poo on you, mister! just kidding ...it never hurts to ask. 

// after the audition we headed to the grove for lunch and some window shopping.
^^^ save it for later^^^
// wrapping up our trip with a little motion sickness on the car ride home. i hate that since i've gotten older my body says "no way, jose" to any type of motion. car rides? don't even think about it. roller coasters? keep dreaming! overall, it was a very educational and fun last minute trip to cali.

xoxo, kerri

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  1. Love these pictures, totally appreciate them since I'll be going to Cali soon!

    BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog. Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch?



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